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Academic Events

The Fundamental Direction of China's Economic Theory Innovation ——the 33rd Schumpeter Innovation Forum of the Business School was successfully held

On the morning of November 23, Business School successfully held the 33th session of Schumpeter Innovation Forum in the Xingmin Building 204. Professor Jin Bei, a member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, was a guest at the 33rd Schumpeter Innovation Forumbringing a theme of “The fundamental direction of China's economic theory innovation” to the teachers and students of our college. The report meeting was hosted by Professor Bai Junhong, Vice Dean of the School of Business, and many teachers and students from the School of Business participated in the event.


Professor Jin Bei is a member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a doctoral supervisor, and an expert who enjoys special government allowances. He is also the President of China Regional Economics Association, the President of "China Business Journal", chief editor of "Business Management Review" and "China Family Business Review" magazines. Professor Jin is the Dean of Business School of Zhengzhou University and former director of the Institute of Industrial Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He once lectured for the Political Bureau of the Central Committee. His main research fields are Industrial Economics, Industrialization and Development Economics, Enterprise Theory and Practice, etc. He published more than 50 academic works and more than 400 academic papers, won more than 20 national or ministerial outstanding achievements including the National Spiritual Civilization "Five-One Project" Book Award, China Book Award, the First China Publishing Governmental Award, Sun Yefang Economic Science Award, Outstanding Achievement Award of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Special Award for Countermeasure Research Awards and multiple personal honors.

At the beginning of the conference, Professor Jin proposed: Paradigm change is an important symbol of the development of various disciplines, and it is also the basis for the theoretical innovation of Chinese economics. Subsequently, Professor Jin raised three major research questions based on the development of economics. First, he pointed out that the study of economics must discuss the general trend of economic paradigm change, and elaborated on the view that classical is historical logic and neo-classical is deductive logic. On the basis of combining the economic development of various countries, he further revealed the importance of economics to human development. Second, he emphasized that the fundamental direction of theoretical innovation is to study different rules and spatial forms and characteristics, and pointed out that Chinese economists should constantly explore the socialist economic forms and characteristics with Chinese characteristics according to China's national conditions. Third, regarding how the rules of different economies coexist and connect, Professor Jin Bei believes that rule negotiation is the only way for countries to coexist. Due to the different rules, the relationship between international industries has become more complicated, so security has become another major issue of economic concern. Finally, Professor Jin Bei summarized and elaborated on the innovation of economic theory. He showed that theoretical innovation not only laid the foundation for the development of economics, but also has great significance for the solution of China's economic problems and the judgment of trends. However, the realization of this process, it must also rely on breakthroughs in major economic theory paradigms.

After the report, Professor Jin Bei enthusiastically answered the questions of the teachers present, and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with everyone. Professor Jin Bei's unique insights deeply inspired the teachers and students present. In the warm applause of everyone, this Schumpeter Innovation Forum ended successfully.