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Academic Events

The Memorial Meeting of Professor Li Zhenkun and Inaugural Meeting of “Li Zhenkun Scholarship Grants” were Held in Our School

Recently, School of Business held the memorial meeting of professor Li Zhenkun and inaugural meeting of “Li Zhenkun Scholarship Grants” in Xianlin Campus.Professor Li,a famous economist, is the founder of economics of Nanjing Normal University. Chancellor Song Yongzhong and vice president Fu Kangsheng attended the meeting. Relatives and student representatives of Professor Li, Organization Department,Teaching Affairs Office,Institute of Social Studie, Retired Work Office, School Labour Union, Archive, Ginling College, School of Marxism Studies,School of Public Administration, School of Law and School of Teacher Education were represented at the meeting. Peng Peiyun, the former vice chairman of the National People's Congress Comrade, inscribed for the memorial meeting. 

Zhou Yan, the chancellor of Business School, introduced Professor Li’s whole life to the participants. Zhou mentioned that Professor Li devoted all her life to the academic construction of economics. Two of Professor Li’s renowened students, Hong Yinxing(the former chancellor of Nanjing University) and Jin Bei(the academic committeeman of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), retrospected Professor Li’s great passion in teaching and remarkable contributions to our country. Professor Li’s students and colleagues shared Li’s touching stories with the participants.

Shu Jie, Li Zhenkun’s daughter, thanked school for its high degree of recognition of Professor Li. Shu Jie emphasised that the establishment of“Li Zhenkun Scholarship Grants”is to remember and recall Professor Li and is to accomplish her long-cherished wish, and Shu Jie hoped the spirit of Professor Li would last for long  in School of Business.

Song Yongzhong concluded we should not only remember Professor Li’s academic life and her selflessness to impart knowledge and educate people, but also we should develop her concentrated and dauntless spirit and learn about her work attitude to adhere to the truth. Her spirit is the precious wealth of whole school. All teachers and students should learn from Professor Li’s noble morality and indefatigable learning manner.
The day before the memorial meeting, Professor Li Lede, the honorary Professor of Yale University, the vice academic president of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business and Li Zhenkun’s nephew, was invited to visit our school. Hu Minqiang, president of our school, had a cordial meeting with Professor Li Lede. 
Li Lede has taught at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northwestern University of the United States and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and he is the member of the American Institute of Management Science, the Institute of American Production Management and the American Accounting Association. He is a renowned expert in the field of production management both in China and abroad and his academic achievement is fruitful.
Hu Minqiang spoke highly of Li Zhenkun’s contributions to Nanjing Normal University and completely approved and appreciated her long-term efforts and achievements in cultivating students. President Hu sincerely welcomed Professor Li Lede’s visit to our school and introduced school’s current status of discipline construction,personnel training, faculty development, scientific research and international cooperation. President Hu,at last, sincerely hoped Professor Li Lede would continue to support the development of Nanjing Normal University.
Li Lede thanked President Hu’s hospitality and reception. He said he felt extremely pleased to contribute to Nanjing Normal University and he hoped active exchanges and cooperation would be held.