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Win the future you desire in the business school-the business school grandly held the 2020 undergraduate freshmen opening ceremony

The opening ceremony of the 2020 undergraduate freshmen of the Business School of Nanjing Normal University was held at 15:00 pm on September 17 in the 338 lecture hall of Xingmin Building. Starting at 14:30 in the afternoon, 260 undergraduate freshmen from the business school came to the 338 lecture hall of Xingmin Building with anticipation.


Pan Zhen, Dean of Business School and Director of Academic Affairs, Zhou Yan, Secretary of the Party Committee, Vice Deans Li Jinsheng, Bai Junhong, Wang Liping, teacher representatives from various departments, administrative teachers and counselors attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Lu Di, vice secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Business.



The ceremony kicked off with the solemn national anthem. Mr. Pan Zhen, Dean of Business School, delivered an important speech. On behalf of the college, he extended a warm welcome to all the freshmen, and told the freshmen about the long history of the college's centuries-old heritage, demonstrating the fruitful results of the talent training of the business school. Then Dean Pan put forward several requirements and expectations to the new students: First, pursue new academic pursuits at a new starting point. Establish a new learning direction, make full use of high-quality subject platforms, and strive to achieve self-improvement and overall personal development; second, strive for new personal promotion in the new journey. University is a forging place toward society. Freshmen should cultivate their communication skills, comprehensive coordination skills, and adaptability, and be good at balancing their study and life. Third, they have new responsibilities in the new era. We must assume various social roles, be an NNUer who supports the development of the school, and be a new youth who cares about the destiny of the country.


At the meeting, Secretary Zhou Yan announced the "Business School's Decision on Hiring Bai Junhong and Other 10 Teachers as Class Teachers for 2020 Undergraduates" and issued letters of appointment to class teachers, hoping that class teachers can help freshmen to better adapt to university life and further promote excellence construction of the style of study, do a good job in the education and management of the class earnestly, and promote the growth of students.




In her speech, Bian Yilin, a freshman majoring in economics, expressed her ambition and responsibility as a new youth in the new era. She hopes that young people will have the courage to go out of new paths, break the wrong path, and grow into business elites with a sense of home country feelings and social responsibility.

Immediately afterwards, Cai Gutan, a student majoring in Finance of 2018, delivered a speech on behalf of the representatives of the students. She warmly welcomed the arrival of new students from the perspective of a senior, reminding everyone to complete the change of identity as soon as possible, and accurately locate themselves in the new environment, and re-recognize themselves. At the same time, Cai Gutan also put forward some suggestions to improve learning ability, improve professional practice ability, grasp the initiative of development, firm goals, and forge ahead.

Afterwards, the teacher representative, Mrs. Shen Chunmiao, as a leader, shared with the freshmen her three points of perceptions: First, do not forget the original aspiration, you must always maintain a self-discipline, self-conscious and confident attitude; Second, concentrate on accumulating, accumulate, and develop a habit of independent judgment and thinking; Third, correct mentality and be positive and optimistic. Facing an unfamiliar environment and a new major after enrollment, students should learn to explore outward and grow inward. At the conclusion of the remarks, Mrs. Shen expressed his hope that the new classmates of 2020 will be the strongest in the new era.

Finally, all teachers and students sang the school song, and the opening ceremony came to an end.



Picture: Yang Zeyu

Writer: Wang Yibing

Editor: Jin Yiting

Reviewer: Wang Yibing, Deng Ziyu

Translator: Jiang Renjie