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Academic Events

Zhen, Zhen published an academic paper in international SCI journals

Recently, Zhen, Zhen, Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration in Business School, published an academic paper in “NEURAL COMPUTING & APPLICATIONS” (an international SCI journal).


The title of her paper is Optimizing deep learning and neural network to explore enterprise technology innovation model. The technological innovation capabilities of enterprises have a greater impact on regional economic development, and the evaluation of technological innovation capabilities of enterprises has a certain guiding role in the formulation of regional economic development plans. From the current situation, it can be seen that the technological innovation model of enterprises is affected by various factors. Based on deep learning and neural network technology, this research takes a high-tech park as an example to comprehensively evaluate the innovation ability of the high-tech park. The use of predicted values in some evaluation indicators can better reflect the innovation ability. At the same time, this research uses the historical GDP data of the park to predict future values and uses the predicted values as indicators of innovation ability. Finally, the idea of combined forecasting is used to comprehensively evaluate the technological innovation capability of enterprises. The research results show that the method proposed in this paper has certain predictive power, can provide guidance for regional economic development, and can provide theoretical references for subsequent related research.