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Chunlin Cheng Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Financial Development
  • Spatial Economic
Research Interests: 
  • Financial Development
  • Spatial Economic


Business Address: School of Business, Nanjing Normal University, NO.1 Wenyuan Road, Qixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu




Chunlin Cheng, associate professor and graduate advisor, has now been working in the Department of Finance of School of Business, Nanjing Normal University. He received his Bachelor's in International Economics and Trade in 2002, and received his Master's in Finance in 2005 from Nanjing Normal University. He has worked in this school since then. In 2013, he received Ph.D in Science from Nanjing Normal University.

Mr Cheng has been devoted to the research in the area of Financial Development and Spatial Economics and has gained plentiful achievements. He has published more than 30 papers. His articles have appeared in the authorized magazines and core journals, such as Reform, Jianghai Academic Journal, Finance and Trade Research. In addition, some of his achievements are reprinted or listed as index information. He has also achieved lots of awards such as the second prize of Provincial High-quality Applicative Project of Social and Science Association, the first prize and second prize of Provincial excellent achievement of Philosophy and Social Seminar. Cheng has undertaken National Social Science Fund Project, Provincial Social Science Fund Project, Provincial High-quality Applicative Project of Social and Science Association and Youth Fund Project of Nanjing Normal University, etc. He also participated in National Social Science Fund Project, National Natural Science Fund Project, Humanities and Social Science Project of the Ministry of Education, Project of the Ministry of Statistics,etc. In 2015, Mr Cheng was selected for “My Favorite Guide Teacher in Entrepreneurship”.

Mr Cheng is engaged in teaching Money and Banking, International Finance and many other compulsory courses, publishing 4 teaching paper and offering consultation service to enterprises and banks. He has also been served as vice manager in Securities Law Department of Jinpu Garden Company since 2015.


Selected Publication:

1. Multiple Factors of Financial Development Difference: a Literature Review and Extension, Reform, 2013(5)

2. Dynamic Changes of Jiangsu Financial Development Differences:2001-2011——Based on the Analysis of Theil Index, East China Economic Management, 2013(11)

3. The relationship among bank system, stock market and fixed asset investment, Finance and Trade Research, 2008(1)

4. Rural Credit Cooperatives: Plight and Reform, Rural Economics, 2004(2)

5. Financial Restraint and Policy Criticize, Jianghai Academic Journal, 2004(6)

6. Explain Again Financial Innovation, Finance & Economics, 2004(1)


Honors and Awards:

1. Study on Yangtze River Delta Financial Constructive optimizing, Project of National Social Science Fund, 2015-2018

2. Research on the Construction of Jiangsu Financial Cluster Area, Project of Jiangsu Social Science Fund, 2013-2016

3. Research on the System and Effect of Financial Cluster in Typical Area in Jiangsu, Provincial High-quality Applicative Project of Social and Science Association, 2013-2014

4. Research on Spatial Difference of Jiangsu Bank Industry, 2010-2012

5. The Application of Mocco in teaching of Mony and Bank, Project of Teaching Reform, 2015-2017



1. Microeconomics, Macroeconomics

2. Money and Bank, International Finance, Dissertation of Financial Frontier Research, History of Finance, Corporate Finance, Principles if Insurance, Plutonomy (Undergraduate)

3. Theory of Financial Development, Management of Commercial Bank (Graduate)