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Fang Xu Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Cross-cultural management
  • Management psychology
  • Ecological management
Research Interests: 
Cross-cultural management


Business Address: School of Business, Nanjing Normal University, NO.1 Wenyuan Road, Qixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu




Professor Xu has been working in Nanjing Normal University. as a professor and doctoral supervisor since 2010. She received Ph. D in management from Central South University in 2006 and the master degree of business administration from Hunan University. She was appointed to visit the University of Queensland in Australia, which was supported by National Study Fund Committee from 2008-2009. She was sent to Japan by the national Ministry of science and technology to participate in the government's international cooperation program in 2008.

She is the author or co-author of more than 40 papers and 2 books. Her articles have appeared in China Social Science Abstracts and other authoritative journals with the support by National Natural Science Foundation and Humanities and Social Science Project of the Ministry of Education, Xu has been undertaking one scientific research project, one National Soft Science project and three provincial projects. Professor Xu also joined in the completion of the national issues, provincial issues, government and enterprise issues. In addition, she is the chief editor of teaching materials, such as Organizational behavior、History of the eastern and Western management thoughts and the theory of Management.

Selected Publications:

A. Books

1. The research on mechanisms of Ecological Warning of industrial safety, Sciences Publishing, 2010 (in Chinese)

2. enterprise symbiosis theory ——Study on the ecological mechanism and ecological strategy of enterprises based on harmonious society,China Financial and Economic Publishing, 2006 (in Chinese)

3. Strategic research on economic sustainable development of Hainan Special Economic Zone, Southern press, 2008 (in Chinese)

4. Research on industrialization of Hainan Special Economic Zone,China Social Sciences Publishing House, 2008 (in Chinese)

5. Principles and practice of organizational behavior, Tsinghua University Press, 2014(2)& 2007(1) (in Chinese)

6. History of the eastern and Western management thoughts, Tsinghua University Press, 2016 (in Chinese)

7. The theory of Management, Tsinghua University Press, 2006 (in Chinese) 

B. Journals

1. A preliminary study on the evolutionary path of industrial clusters based on community succession theory, Studies in Dialectics of Nature, 2011,10:76-81. (in Chinese)

2. Ecological thoughts on the research of industrial safety under the conditions of opening to the outside world, China Social Sciences Abstract,2008,4:107-108. (in Chinese)

3. Research on the principle and model of enterprise niche, China Soft Science, 2005, 5:130-139. (in Chinese)

5. Mechanism of Enterprise Lifecycle and adaptability to the environment, Studies in Dialectics of Nature, 2005, 9. (in Chinese)

6. An invasion ecological study on the invasion of Transnational Corporations, Ecological economy, 2009, 1:117-121. (in Chinese)

7. Ecological assessment and early warning of industrial safety in China, Productivity research, 2009, 15:117-118. (in Chinese)

8. Study on the index system of ecological evaluation of industrial safety, Ecological economy, 2008, 4:54-58. (in Chinese)

9. Evaluation on the degree of invasion of China's pharmaceutical industry after entering WTO, Social Science Journal of Hainan University,2008,26(6):641-649. (in Chinese)

10. Comparison of the relative safety of the six major industries Based on factor analysis in China, World Agriculture,2008,12:60-64. (in Chinese)

11. Researches on Ecological Forewarning Mechanism of Chinese Industrial Security,International Conference on management science and Engineering, 2007.8.

12. Research on the ecology of enterprise cluster, Ecological economy, 2006, 10:97-100. (in Chinese)

13. Game analysis of Enterprise cooperation strategy, Seeker, 2005, 2:24-25. (in Chinese)

14. Enterprise Ecological Strategy: a new thinking of enterprise strategy under the concept of Harmonious Society, Ecological economy, 2005, 11:66-70. (in Chinese)

15. Analysis on the principle of ecological niche of enterprises, Seeker, 2004 (in Chinese)

16. A review of three studies on dark personality”, Advances in Psychological Science,2013, 7:1248-1261. (in Chinese)

17. Job performance and career success of the Machiavelli doctrine: a meta analysis based on workplace, Advances in Psychological Science,2013, 8. (in Chinese)

18. An empirical analysis of the influence of organizational culture on employees' job involvement, China Labor, 2016, 2. (in Chinese)

19. Research on the influence of cultural values on national innovation performance, Business, 2016(2) (in Chinese)

20. An empirical study on the influence of income gap on national well-being based on the role of cultural regulation, The Fourth International Symposium on "cross cultural management" and the first annual conference of Chinese corporate culture, 2015,11 (in Chinese)

21. Research on the relationship between organizational culture, work value and employee's innovative behavior,China Labor,2016,6. (in Chinese)

22. Study on the evolution and management of the Chinese Machiavellian behavior, The seventh academic conference of philosophy and Social Sciences in Jiangsu Province, 2013.11 (in Chinese)

23. Comparison between Chinese traditional Confucianism and learning organization management, Economic Science House, 2010,12-16 (in Chinese)

24. A preliminary study on the ecological niche of workplace, Natural Science Journal of Hainan University, 2004,4. (in Chinese)

25. Analysis of the ecological motivation of ecological tourism, International Journal of Applied Psychology , 2005,5,2 (in Chinese)

26. Game analysis of administrative corruption, Industry and Technology Forum, 2005, 5(1). (in Chinese)

Research Grants:

1. Research on the ecological early warning mechanism of industrial security in china under the conditions of opening to the outside world, supported by National Natural Science Foundation, 2006-2008

2. The ecological mechanism and Countermeasures of industrial invasion under the condition of Globalization, Supported by Soft science research program of the National Science and technology Department, 2008-2009

3. A comparative study of eastern and Western management thoughts under the condition of Globalization, High level talent research fund of Nanjing Normal University, 2011-2016

4. Research on performance management and culture construction of Nanjing Local Taxation Bureau, supported by Nanjing Local Taxation Bureau, 2015-2016

5. Cultural management consulting project in titan wind company ,supported by Titan Wind Energy (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. 2015-2016


1. Organizational Behavior (undergraduate)

2. Applied Statistics (undergraduate)

3. Leading Edge of Human Resource Management (postgraduate)

4. History of the Eastern and Western Management Thoughts (undergraduate)