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Fuxin Jiang Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Innovation economics
  • Economic Systems
  • Development of small and medium-sized enterprises
Research Interests: 
  • Innovation economics
  • Economic Systems
  • Development of small and medium-sized enterprises

Business Address: School of Business, Nanjing Normal University, NO.1 Wenyuan Road, Qixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu
Office Phone: +86-25-85891649

Professor Jiang received his Bachelor's in Political Science from Nanjing Normal University in 1980, Master's in Economics from East China Normal University in 1986 and Ph.D in Economics from Nanjing Agricultural University in 1996. He has been appointed as a full professor in June 1994 and a doctoral advisor in October 1998. Professor Jiang has served as Dean of Business School from February 2010 to November 2015. Professor Jiang is appointed principal leader of applied economics doctoral level discipline. Professor Jiang has served as counselor in Jiangsu Provincial Government, director of Nanjing Normal University Innovation Economy Research Institute, and principal investigator in Jiangsu Provincial Innovation Economics Research Center, and Chief expert in the Private Sector Economic Development Research Base. Professor Jiang has been appointed various visiting scholar positions in University of Glasgow (1992-1993), Universität Konstanz (1998) and Kennesaw State University (2002). Professor Jiang has been an active researcher with 10 books and over 200 papers published in leading Journals. His research has been recognized for excellence in the fields in Innovation economics, Economic Systems, Development of SMEs. Professor Jiang has served as the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Research Specialist, and also served in Jiangsu Provincial Government 's "Thirteen Five" Planning Expert Advisory Committee, Nanjing Government of the Economic and Social Advisory Board, Jiangsu Provincial Civil Affairs Department and other government agencies.
Honors and Awards:
1.    'Ten Outstanding Youth' nomination, Jiangsu Province
2.    'New Long March' honorary title, Jiangsu Province
3.    'The Outstanding Teachers', Jiangsu Province 
4.    'Cross-Century Academic Leaders', Jiangsu Province
5.    'The Leading Scientists', Jiangsu Province
6.    Growth space--Comparison of the growth pattern of the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta (2011), The first prize of the 11th excellent achievements in Philosophy and Social Sciences in Jiangsu Province
7.    The first batch of leading young scientists in "333 high-level personnel training project", Jiangsu Province
8.    Orientation and development of small business industry (2005), The first prize of the 9th excellent achievements in Philosophy and Social Sciences in Jiangsu Province,
9.    Yi Xi Elite Teacher Award of Nanjing Normal University
Research Projects:
1.    National Social Science Fund (2000-2002), 00BJL016, The industry distribution of small enterprises and the role of government in the regulation
2.    National Social Science Fund (2008-2010),08BJY090, The countermeasures of promoting the development of minor enterprises
3.    Philosophy and Social Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province (2004-2005), 04ELA006, Study on the environmental evaluation and support system of minor enterprises
4.    Philosophy and Social Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province (2006-2008), 06EYW013-5, Study on the development strategy of the East Longhai line of Jiangsu Province
5.    Soft Science Research Project of Jiangsu Province (2007-2011), BR2007021, Study on the incentive mechanism of attracting social capital to venture capital investment
6.    Philosophy and Social Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province (2009-2010), 09JD013, Technology innovation capacity of minor enterprises in Jiangsu
7.    Key project of social science research base of Jiangsu Province (2010-2012),10JD010, Study on cross-regional cooperation of science and technology innovation in Jiangsu
8.    2009 Annual Major Research Topics of Social Science in Jiangsu Province (2009-2010),09-A-8, Optimizing the policy environment for the survival and development of minor enterprises
9.    Topic of Jiangsu Development & Reform Commission (2011-2012)
10.    The establishment of service system of minor enterprises in Jiangsu, Topic of Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission (201004-201012), Study on the policy of industry innovation and achievement transformation in Jiangsu Province
11.    Topic of Nanjing CENBEST Co.Ltd. (201101-201112), Study on the development strategy of Nanjing CENBEST
12.    Topic of Jiangsu Development & Reform Commission (201301-201312), The mid-term evaluation of the "12th Five-Year" plan of Jiangsu Province
13.    Research Office of the people's Government of Jiangsu Province (2009), Countermeasures and suggestions on optimizing the environment for minor enterprises' survival and development
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2.    Fuxin Jiang.1999. Difficulties and countermeasures in the development of science and technology of small enterprises in our country, China Industrial Economy (in Chinese)
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