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Hai Hu Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
Research Interests: 

Business Address: School of Business, Nanjing Normal University, NO.1 Wenyuan Road, Qixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu

Office Phone: +86-25-85891140




Hu Hai,associate professor and master tutor of Business School of Nanjing Normal University , director of Marketing Association of Jiangsu Province. He graduated from the International Business School of Nanjing University with a master's degree in Management in 1999.

He has devoted to the teaching and scientific research in the field of Management, Marketing, Multinational Corporation Management and Corporate Strategy Management for a long time, and has made some research results. In recent years he has hosted and participated in eight research projects, including three items of National Natural Science Foundation, two provincial projects. He has published more than 10 papers in the authorative and core journals such as " Jiang Hai academic Journal "," Academia Journal", "The modern economy". He has also coauthored a book, written a lot of teaching materials, and won the second prize of Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievements in Jiangsu Province.

Papers and Monographs:

1. "Cultural Conflict and Transnational Operation of Enterprises," Hu Hai, 2000, Xuehai, 6:179-182.

2. "Participation in Marketing", Hu Hai, 2001, Jiangsu Enterprise Management, 11:42-43.

3. "Analysis of the Support Force of Enterprise Brand", Hu Hai, 2002, Modern Economic Research, 9:54-56.

4. "Comparison of the gap between Chinese and Foreign bank marketing Concept and Its Enlightenment", Hu Hai, 2002, Jiangsu Business Theory, 11:97-99.

5. "A brief discussion on Enterprise Marketing Innovation and Its Socialization", Hu Hai, 2005, Academia, 2:238-244.

6. "From the perspective of Enterprise veiwing Price War Competition Model", Hu Hai, 2005, modern economy, 9:61-64.

7. "Based on Tacit knowledge research of Core Competence", Hu Hai, 2010, Jiang Hai Academic Journal, 6:94-98.

8. " The network utility and purchase intention of Consumers in virtual community ", Hu Hai, Wu Yue, Qian Lili, 2012. Jiang Hai Academic Journal, 6:218-222.

9. "Research on The Relationship between the discount extent of Promotional Price and Brand Equity," Hu Hai, Zhang Mingwei, 2014, Business Research, 7:113-120

10. Li Yanshu, Hu Hai, 2004, "Marketing Innovation: the Awakening of Business Intelligence", The People's Publishing house, October,2004 .

Projects and Awards:

1. Hu Hai, 1999-2002, Enterprise Transnational Management Research, University Youth Fund project.

2. Li Yan Shu, Hu Hai, 2004, the Marketing Innovation: the Awakening of Business Intelligence, The People's Publishing house, October, 2004. winning second prize in Jiangsu Province of the ninth (2003-2004) philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Awards.


1. Marketing (undergraduate)

2. International Marketing (undergraduate)

3. Management (undergraduate)

4. Business Strategy Management (undergraduate)