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Haodong Peng Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
securities investment
Research Interests: 
securities investment

Haodong Peng, Associate Professor, Master Tutor, was graduated from Nanjing University and then assigned to China Pharmaceutical University in 1987. He received Master's in 1992 and now is served as a teacher in the Department of Finance of Nanjing Normal University Business School. The graduate student guided by Professor Peng were rewarded the 1st National Excellent Master's Thesis of Finance Major Award. Since 1987, Mr Peng has taken teaching work in the field of Portfolio Investment, Finance Law, Economic Law, Taxation Law, Insurance, etc. He has been employed as the lecturer in the Nanjing Finance Bureau training center, Nanjing Zhonghua Finance College, Nanjing Yonghua Accouting Office training center, Tianheng Accounting Office training center to teach Taxation, Economic Law in the CPA, Accounting Title Examination and Examination of the national register of state owned assets. Since 2002, he has undertaken the in-turn training teaching work for Nanjing Local Taxtion Bureau officers organized by Nanjing Normal University Business School and Nanjing Local Taxtion Bureau. Professor Peng also has published more than 10 paper in the authorized journals, C journals and core magazines. At present, Professor Peng devotes to the research in the field of Portfolio Investment.



1.Taxation Practice(Undergraduate)

2.Taxation Audit(Undergraduate)

3.Taxation Accouting(Undergraduate)