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Jiamin Liao Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
Financial management
Research Interests: 
Financial management


Business Address: School of Business, Nanjing Normal University, NO.1 Wenyuan Road, Qixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu




Liao Jiamin, has been serving at Department of business in Nanjing Normal University Business School. He graduated from Non metal Geological Exploration Department of Sichuan Building Materials Institute in 1983 and received a bachelor’s degree in engineering. In 1988, he graduated from Natural Science History Research Institute, East China Normal University, and received a master’s degree in Philosophy from the East China Normal University. 

Liao Jiamin has long-term commitment to the financial management, securities investment, investment and financing and other fields of teaching and research. His teaching level and teaching effect have received the general student's high praise and welcome. He has published several works and ten papers. In addition, He has rich experience on theoretical research and practical operation of securities investment, and has formed a set of effective value investment system. He is interested in doing a real investment financial experts, with a view to provide people with practical investment and financial advice and operations. 

Selected Publications:

1. The impact of technological innovation on the implementation of enterprise strategy, Liao Jiamin, 2003, science and technology progress and countermeasures, 8. (in Chinese)

2. Establish enterprise cluster to promote regional economic development..Liao Jiamin, 2006, economics and management, 3. (in Chinese)

3. Technology innovation in enterprise product strategy, Liao Jiamin, 2006, journal of nanjing university of finance and economics, 4. (in Chinese)

4. The practice and development of investor relations management, Liao Jiamin, 2011, commercial age, 10. (in Chinese)

5. On the importance of public relations management in service industry, Liao Jiamin, 2013, commercial age,  (in Chinese)

 6. Introduction to science and technology, Haiying Sun, editor in chief, Liao Jiamin, deputy editor in chief. 1998, Jiangsu Science and Technology Publishing House. (in Chinese)


1. Liao Jiamin, 1990-1991, ‘Research on the Countermeasures of promoting social and economic development of University Science and technology in the Yangtze River Delta’, supported by Soft science project of the State Education Commission .

2. Liao Jiamin, 2009-2010, Research on Investor Relations Management, supported by Education Department of Jiangsu Province.


Financial management (undergraduate)

Securities investment (undergraduate)

Investment (undergraduate)

Introduction to finance and investment (undergraduate)