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Jian Li Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Social Capital
  • Strategic Management &Innovation
Research Interests: 
  • Social Capital
  • Strategic Management &Innovation


Business Address: School of Business, Nanjing Normal University, NO.1 Wenyuan Road, Qixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu




Jian Li, male, master tutor and associate professor of Business School of Nanjing Normal University. He mainly engaged in social capital, Strategic Management and Innovation. His Papers published in many important journals which recognized by management science department of National Natural Science Fund, such as Journal of finance, Nankai Business Review, Economic Management, China Economic Issues and so on. He has presided over a national natural fund and participated in four national natural fund. He currently serves as one of the anonymous reviewers of ‘financial research’, ‘finance and trade economy’, ‘Nankai management review’, ‘economic management’ and other journals. He is a member of IACMR, and served as the National Natural Science Foundation of communication experts. He has obtained three prize of the ninth philosophy and social sciences research in Jiangsu outstanding achievement award. He has won two Jiangsu Province Philosophy Social Science Award. He has been involved in a number of enterprises project consultation, such as the Nanjing Local Taxation Bureau, NARI Group.

Selected Publications

1. Product market competition, organizational slack and technological innovation in manufacturing enterprises, China Economic Issues, 2016, 2:112-125. (in Chinese)

2. Organizational redundancy, product market competition and innovation sustainability: a study based on the dynamic panel data of Chinese Listed Companies, China Science and Technology Forum, 2016, 1:88-92. (in Chinese)

3. Executive compensation, political connection and sustainable innovation. South Business Review, 2015, 6:88-106. (in Chinese)

4. Product market competition, financing constraints and organizational redundancy structure, Economic and Management Research, 2015, 6:129-138. (in Chinese)

5. Entrepreneur political association, ownership and corporate debt maturity structure -- An Empirical Study Based on the background of the economic system of transition, Financial Research, 2013, 3:157-169. (in Chinese)

6. Political entrepreneurs Association, competition strategic choice and firm value -- An Empirical Study Based on dynamic panel data of listed companies. Nankai business review.2012, 6:147-157. (in Chinese)

7. The rigid constraints of entrepreneurial social capital to strategic change. Jianghai academic journal, 2012, 3:97-103. (in Chinese)

8. After-sales service quality, customer satisfaction and behavior intention -- Based on an empirical analysis of ‘home appliances to the countryside’ policy under the background of rural customers. Finance & Economics, 2012, 1:108-114. (in Chinese)

9. Organization redundancy, product market competition and firm performance: An Empirical Study Based on panel data of Listed Companies in manufacturing industry, Economic and Management Research, 2012, 9:100-106. (in Chinese)

10. Study on the effectiveness of entrepreneur's social capital transmission from the perspective of network structure. Economic Management, 85-91. 2010, 9. (in Chinese)

11. The evolution of the choice of the structure of alliance and technology innovation path - based on SECI model research. Science of science and management of science and technology, 2010,3:72-76 (in Chinese)

12. Analysis on the mechanism of strategic alliance competitive advantage from the perspective of rent. Science and technology management research, 2007, 6: 116-118. (in Chinese)


1. National Natural Foundation youth program, 2014.01 -2016.12, Research on the differences of social capital, strategic change and firm performance in the inheritance of family business

2. Nanjing Normal University subject, Study on the mediating effect of entrepreneurial social capital and enterprise performance

3. ‘Entrepreneur Social Capital on the strategic change of the rigid constraints --- Based on the research of the entrepreneur's cognition’ was awarded the first prize of the Fourth Academic Conference of the philosophy and Social Sciences in Jiangsu Province in 2010.

4. Outstanding Paper Award of the 2010 Jiangsu Provincial Philosophy and Social Sciences Academic Conference Management Conference, ‘The effectiveness of family business entrepreneurs social capital inheritance - based on the perspective of network structure’

4. Third-prize of the Jiangsu ninth University Philosophy and Social Sciences outstanding achievement award, ‘Entrepreneur political association, ‘Competitive Strategy Choice and Firm Value -- Based on the Empirical Research of Dynamic Panel Data of Listed Companies’

Horizontal project of related enterprises:

1. Tax culture project of Nanjing Local Taxation Bureau.

2. NARI Group brand planning and construction project

3. Provincial Project: The research on the innovation and development of private economy in Jiangsu during 13th Five-Year to" go out "(number: 14SSL065)

4. Provincial Project: ‘Jiangsu private economy’ compilation project


Applied Statistics (undergraduate)

Marketing (undergraduate)