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Jin Li Lecturer

Academic Area: 
Human Resource Management
Research Interests: 
Human Resource Management


Business Address: School of Business, Nanjing Normal University, NO.1 Wenyuan Road, Qixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu




Jin Li obtained BA and MA from Business School of Nanjing Normal University in 2005 and 2008 respectively, and he granted the doctor’s degree of management by Nanjing University in 2011, and has been teaching in Business School of Nanjing Normal University ever since. He is dedicated to the theoretical research of HR management and organization, and has published more than ten theses in major newspapers and authoritative journals, among which many have been reprinted by Xinhua Digest and Periodical Literature Reprinted by China People's University, as well as many academic arguments published in the "Guangming Daily" and other important newspapers and periodicals. He has presided over the National Natural Science Foundation Project" The Two-Levels Factors Affecting Electronic HRM Practices and The Implementation Efficacy of HRM Practices: A Research Based on the Perspective of Match ", and participated in a number of national projects. He insists on the principle of combining theory with practice during work, and participates in management consulting, training project of many famous companies, and consulting work of government projects, and received many good comments.

Selected Publications:
1. "Internet Plus" Era of Electronic Human Resource Management: Theoretical Evolution and Construction Direction, Jianghai Academic Journal, 2015, 6:102-107 (in Chinese)

2. Influence of the Abusive Leadership on Employee Creativity under the Traditional orientation, Soft Science, 2015, 10:96-100 (in Chinese)

3. The Formation Mechanism of Multiple Matching Perception of "Double Culture" employees, Under the Background of Transformation, Economic Management, 2014, 8:78-88 (in Chinese)

4. The Origin of the Legitimacy of Organizational Institutions, The Business Economy and Management, 2013, 10:5-13 (in Chinese)

5. Review and Assessment of the Development of Management During the Last One Hundred Years, Foreign Economy and Management, 2011, 4:1-9 (in Chinese)

6. Employees’ Organizational Cognition and Its Impact on the Effectiveness of Behavior Research, Under the Background of Transformation, Economic Management, 2011, 1:63-73 (in Chinese)

7. The Theory Source, Research Framework and the Future Outlook of Happy Management, Foreign Economic and Management, 2010, 12:1-9 (in Chinese)


NSFC: The Two-Levels Factors Affecting Electronic HRM Practices and The Implementation Efficacy of HRM Practices: A Research Based on the Perspective of Match


Market Research

Financial Management