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Kangsheng Fu Professor

Academic Area: 
economics and finance
Research Interests: 
economics and finance

Kangsheng Fu, Ph.D., Professor, and Doctoral Supervisor, is currently Vice President of Nanjing Normal University.

In July 1983, he graduated from the Department of Politics, Anhui Normal University, with Bachelor of Laws degree. In July 1986, he graduated from Huazhong Normal University with a Master's degree in economics. In July 1996, he received his Ph.D. from the School of Economics and Trade at Nanjing Agricultural University.

Professor Fu has long been engaged in teaching and research in the domain of economics and finance. He has led a number of research projects funded by the Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Province in the category of Philosophy and Social Science. He is the author of multiple academic monographs and over 50 peer-reviewed articles published in Chinese academic journals. He has won various academic awards including Jiangsu Province Award for Excellent Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science. His teaching achievements have won National and Provincial Awards for Outstanding Teaching Achievement. In 1997 and 2001, he was selected as talents for Jiangsu Province "Project 333" (Tier 3). He was recognized as Excellent Individual in Science and Technology Management of the Ministry of Education, Excellent Individual in Philosophy and Social Science Studies of Jiangsu Province, and Excellent Individual in Disciplinary Development of Jiangsu Province.

Professor Fu is also member of Educational Steering Committee for Economics of the Ministry of Education, Director of the Educational Steering Committee for Teachers’ Education in Jiangsu Province, and Vice Chairman of Jiangsu Province Cultural Industry Research Association.