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Mingchao Yu Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Industrial economics
  • Regional economics
Research Interests: 
  • Industrial economics
  • Regional economics

Mingchao Yu, male, Han, Shandong Cao County, Nanjing Normal University Business School associate professor, master tutor. Yu finished his PhD study in 2008 from Nanjing University of Business School and has been served in the Nanjing Normal University business school after then. Yu has dedicated to the research on regional economy and industrial economy. And hosted one Ministry of Education Humanities and social science fund. He has published more than 10 articles on journals, such as " China Industrial Economics "," China Soft Science ",” Modern Economic Science”.


Selected Publications

Regional heterogeneity and innovation efficiency: study based on the stochastic frontier model, China Soft Science, 2010 eleventh

National Symposium on Spatial Economics in China, Economic Perspectives, 2009 eleventh

Vertical specialization and China's enterprise technology innovation, Modern Economic Science, 2011 first

Empirical analysis of the profit efficiency of China Commercial Bank, Nanjing Normal University Journal, 2011 first

First the rule of law, economic liberalization and new enterprises to enter, Research of Institutional Economics, 2009 fifth

Professional and urban economic growth, China Soft Science, 2009 fifth

Yangtze River Delta regional cultural integration and economic integration, China Soft Science, 2009 eleventh

From GVC to NVC: the Yangtze River Delta integration and industrial upgrading, Academia Bimestrie, 2009 fifth



Strategic research on the development of strategic emerging industries in Jiangsu Province,Project of the Education Department of Jiangsu Province

Core inflation and the transition of monetary policy in post crisis period, Project of the Ministry of Education



Microeconomics (undergraduate)

Macroeconomics (undergraduate)

Intermediate Micro Economics (undergraduate)

Econometrics (graduate)