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Wen Tian Professor

Academic Area: 
Economy and International Trade
Research Interests: 
Economy and International Trade


Business Address: School of Business, Nanjing Normal University, NO.1 Wenyuan Road, Qixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu




Wen Tian, Professor and Master Instructor, now serves as a teacher in the Department of Economic and Trade of Business School of Nanjing Normal University. He received Bachelor's Degree in Statistics from Jiangsu Business College in 1986, Master's Degree in Plutonomy from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in 1992, and Ph.D. in International Economy from Nanjing University in 2004.

Professor Tian has undertaken teaching and research work in the field of economics since 1986. He is the author of one book and has published many papers in the core journals and magazines such as International Economy, Economic Perspectives, Finance and Trade Economics and Journal of International Trade. His papers have been quoted and referred by colleagues and reproduced by Duplicated Newspapers and Periodicals of Renmin University of China, National Research Network many times. In addition, he achieved the Second Prize in the 10th Jiangsu Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award. He participated in many projects supported by Philosophy and Social Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province, Philosophy and Social Science Foundation of Education Ministry of Education and Local Economic Project in Jiangsu Province. At present, Professor Tian devotes to the research of International Trade Theory and Policy, International Enterprises and Industry. He also serves as the director of Chinese Economic Laws Research Association and vice president of Jiangsu Foreign Economic Theory Research Association.

Selected Publications:

1. Wen Tian. Analysis on the Distribution Effect of Processing Trade. The Journal of World Economy, 2007, 30 (1): 12-19. (In Chinese)

2. Wen Tian, Houjun Liu. The New Development of Western Trade Theory under the Product Division. Economic Perspectives, 2006 (5): 69-75. (In Chinese)

3. Wen Tian. The Definition, Measure and Comparative Analysis about Intra-Product Trade. Finance & Trade Economics, 2005 (5): 77-79. (In Chinese)

4. Wen Tian. Research on the Decision-making and Profit Distribution of Intra-Product Trade Model. International Business, 2005 (5): 9-13. (In Chinese)

5. Wen Tian. An Analysis of the Development of Service Industry in the Evolution of Jiangsu's Industrial Structure. Modern Economic Research, 2006 (2): 84-88. (In Chinese)

6. Wen Tian. Research on Cross - border Outsourcing Based on Asset Specificity. Contemporary Finance & Economics, 2004 (7): 105-109. (In Chinese)

7. Wen Tian, Jinhong Wu. Analysis on the Direct Investment Effect of Regional Economic Integration. Finance and Trade Research, 2002 (3): 17-21. (In Chinese)

8. Wen Tian, Jinhong Wu. The Analysis of Causes of Japanese Economy Recession. Nanjing Journal of Social Sciences, 2002 (3):21-25. (In Chinese)

9. Wen Tian. Theory of Intra-Product Trade. Economic Science Press, 2006. (In Chinese)

 Research Grants:

1. Philosophy and Social Sciences Research in Colleges and Universities of Jiangsu Province (05SJB790019) “Study on the International Division of Labor and the Upgrading of Jiangsu Manufacturing Industry”

2. Ministry of Education Major Project Sub-topics (2005) “A Comparative Study of FDI and Economic Growth in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta”


The second prize of the tenth Jiangsu Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award for textbook “Theory of Intra-Product Trade”.


1. Microeconomic (undergraduate)

2. Macroeconomic (undergraduate)

3. International Economy (undergraduate)

4. National Economy (undergraduate)

5. World Economy (undergraduate)

6. Advanced International Trade (postgraduate)