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Xiaohui Peng Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Institutional change and growth
  • Energy consumption
  • Farmers' behavior
Research Interests: 
  • Institutional change and growth
  • Energy consumption
  • Farmers' behavior

Xiaohui Peng, male, born in November 1981, associate professor of department of economic and international trade, Nanjing Normal University. Peng graduated in Henan University of technology, majoring in marketing (Logistics Management), received a Bachelor of Science in management in 2004. In 2008 he graduated from the Business School of Guangxi University, and received a master's degree in economics. He finished his PhD study in economics in 2014 from Antai College of economics and management, Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Associate professor Peng Xiaohui has dedicated to the study of institutional change and growth, farmers' behavior and energy consumption for years and has made fruitful research results. He has published more than 10 articles on journals such as "Management World", "Chinese Soft Science", "Chinese Rural Economy", " Economic Theory and Business Management ". He took charge of 1 National Social Science Fund project, bureau level topic 1 item and participated in a number of topics in natural science and social science fund and provincial and ministerial level projects. Peng won the third prize of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of the people's Government of philosophy and Social Sciences outstanding achievement award, Jiangsu Province Taizhou Municipal People's government for outstanding achievement in the philosophy and social science award, Taizhou City Social Science Association application of quality engineering outstanding achievement award first prize, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Department of agriculture "the circulation of rural land seminar," the first prize. He also won Jiangsu Province "Blue Project" outstanding young backbone teachers, the second level training objects of "311" project in Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province and, Nanjing Normal University Taizhou College Young Teachers "teaching top ten".


Selected Publications

  1. Zhao Li, Peng Xiaohui, Gu Haiying. Optimal control strategies of traditional air pollutants and greenhouse gas emission reduction, School of System Management, 2016 (5): 501-509.
  2. history of Tsinghua University, Peng Xiaohui, Zhang Rui. China's rural energy consumption in the field survey: 2253 farmers in Shanxi Province, Zhejiang Province Survey for example, the Management World, 2014 (5): 80-92.
  3. Peng Xiaohui, Wang Changwei, Shi Hua Qing. Study on the statistical value of life of urban migrant workers: An Empirical Study Based on the Hedonic model, Economic Theory and Business Management, 2014 (1): 52-61.
  4. Peng Xiaohui, the history of Tsinghua University. China Rural disappear mystery: a research overview, Xinjiang Farming Cultivate Economy, 2014 (12): 1-5, 34.
  5. Peng Xiaohui, history of Tsinghua University, Zhu Xi. Income from different sources of income consumption tend to agree: Based on the national rural fixed observation point data empirical, Chinese Rural Economy, 2013 (1): 46-54.
  6. Peng Xiaohui, history of Tsinghua University, Zhu Xi. Two yuan in urban and rural areas of cognition, reality and reform orientation, China Soft Science, 2013 (5): 27-43, the National People's Congress copy of the "system reform" in 2013 ninth full text reprint.
  7. Peng Xiaohui, the history of Tsinghua University. Divided urban and rural household history and reform practice and Enlightenment of. Modern Economic Study, 2013 (8): 38-41. Copy of the National People's Congress "system reform" in 2013, the full text of the twelfth reprint.
  8. Lu Zhuo, Peng Xiaohui. Research on the financing situation and Countermeasures of small and micro enterprises, Rural Finance Research, 2013 (2): 32-38.
  9. Peng Xiaohui, Tsinghua University, Jin Hong Tao. Study on the integration of urban and rural household registration from the perspective of population aging -- Taking Shanghai as an example, Journal of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (PHILOSOPHY AND SOCIAL SCIENCES), 2012 (6): 47-54;
  10. Peng Xiaohui, Tsinghua University. "Lucas's mystery" and China's urban and rural capital flows, Economic and Management Research, 2012 (3): 65-72.
  11. Zhang Wei, Peng Xiaohui, Peng Peng. Countermeasures and suggestions on the circulation of agricultural land in Taizhou, Taizhou Daily, 2010.3,
  12. Peng Xiaohui. Quantitative model of agricultural productivity: An Empirical Analysis Based on panel data of Guangxi, Coastal Enterprises and Science and Technology, 2009 (11): 45-48.
  13. Peng Xiaohui, Lu Zhuo. A problem that can not be ignored: the difference between the financial system and the bank credit system, The Research World, 2009 (7): 31-33, 5.
  14. The Qing Wang Xuan, Peng Xiaohui. The urgency of the construction of the farmland financial institution of our country from Nanning Fengling horticultural field case, Journal of Jiangxi University of Finance and economics, 2008 (1): 47-50. NPC copy data the financial and insurance "in 2008 the four reproduced in full.
  15. Peng Xiaohui. Study on the rural household financing problem in Guangxi Province -- Based on the econometric analysis of the impact of farmers' financing on Farmers' economy, Rural Finance Research, 2008 (2): 65-71.
  16. Qing Wang Xuan, Peng Xiaohui. The circulation of rural land: material flow and value flow. Journal of Guizhou College of Finance and Economics, 2007 (3): 61-64. NPC copy data the agricultural economy daokan "in 2007 the first five reproduced in full.
  17. Peng Xiaohui, Cui Feifei. Research on the causes of regional economic difference, Journal of Guangxi Economic Management Cadre College, 2007 (6): 52-57.
  18. Peng Xiaohui, Wang Wang. The choice of agricultural insurance model in the main grain producing areas in central and Western China - Taking Henan Province as an example, Journal of Guizhou Institute of Finance and Economics, 2006 (2):65-68.



  1. Peng Xiaohui, 2014-2016, China rural energy consumption structure transformation and upgrading path problem research (14CJY082), National Social Science Fund (Youth) project, host;
  2. Peng Xiaohui, 2013-2016, farmers' entrepreneurial behavior and financing constraints (71273172), national self branch, participation;
  3. Peng Xiaohui, 2010-2012, Chinese rural cultural market evolution and future research (07BG49), participation;
  4. Peng Xiaohui, the agricultural product quality and safety incentive mechanism research (13CJY072) under the condition of agricultural income fluctuation, national social science, participation;
  5. Peng Xiaohui, Shanghai urban and rural household registration integration research (2011XAE005), Shanghai social science, participation;
  6. Peng Xiaohui, institutional change, agricultural growth and future agricultural policy orientation: An Empirical Analysis Based on 2000-2012 (2013BJB008), Shanghai social science, participation;
  7. Peng Xiaohui, history of Tsinghua University, Lucas and the mystery of China's urban and rural capital flows, was awarded the first prize in 2013 Taizhou Academy of Social Sciences application;
  8. Peng Xiaohui, Shi Qinghua, Zhu Xi, "different income can be replaced?" , won the 2014 Award for outstanding achievements in Social Science Award in Taizhou;
  9. Wang Xuanqing, Xiao Hui Peng, "rural land circulation: material transfer or value transfer", won the government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region for the tenth time in philosophy and Social Sciences outstanding achievement award third prize;
  10. Peng Xiaohui, a young teachers teaching in 2013 third session of the Taizhou College of Nanjing Normal University "ten";



Microeconomics (undergraduate)

Macroeconomics (undergraduate)

International Trade Theory and Practice (undergraduate)