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Yuhua Sheng Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Management Decisions and Leadership Science
  • Human Resources and Enterprise Property Rights System
Research Interests: 
  • Management decisions and Leadership Science
  • The human resources and Enterprise property rights system


Business Address: School of Business, Nanjing Normal University, NO.1 Wenyuan Road, Qixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu




Yuhua Sheng, professor and doctoral supervisor, was born in August 1958 in Lianyungang. He is an expert who was privileged with the special allowance of the State Council. Professor Sheng serves as Party Secretary of Nanjing Normal University Business School, Director of Business Administration Department, and currently he is the Director of Jiangsu Senior Marketing Talent Training Center.

Professor Sheng graduated from Nanjing Normal University in 1982. Professor Sheng became a teacher in Nanjing Normal University after graduation. Professor Sheng studied Economics at Economics School of Peking University under the guidance of famous Prof. Li Yining and Prof. Zhang dexiu. He also studied economic management at the University of Cambridge under the guidance of Dr. Peter Roland. Professor Sheng mainly engages in teaching and researching work in the area of Management Decisions and Leadership Science, Human Resources and Enterprise and Property Rights System. He is the author or co-author of more than 80 papers and 8 books. His articles have published in journals such as Economic Management Journal and China Industrial Economics. In addition, he is the chief editor of more than 20 teaching materials. What’s more, with the support by National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Development and Reform Commission and Jiangsu Province Government, Professor Sheng has been undertaking more than 20 scientific research projects. He won the Henry Fok Young Teachers Award in 1991. He also achieved lots of awards such as the Excellent Young and Middle-aged Backbone Teachers of Universities of Jiangsu Province in 1994, and the Excellent Graduate Student Tutor of Jiangsu Province in1998. In addition, he won third prize of the tenth Jiangsu Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award in 2006. He also serves as independent director of Ningbo Tech-Bank Co., Ltd and Kanion Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Selected Publications:

1. Yuhua Sheng, Zhijun Fang and Ping Wang. Research on Unstructured Evaluation of Management Ability. People's Publishing House, 2005. (In Chinese)

2. Yuhua Sheng, Jinsheng Li. Theory of Organization Motivation. People's Publishing House, 2004. (In Chinese)

3. Yuhua Sheng. Research on Strategic Decision Behavior. People's Publishing House, 2006. (In Chinese)

4. Yuhua Sheng, Xiaofeng Zhu. Office Automation Management System in Enterprise. Science Press, 2004. (In Chinese)

5. Yuhua Sheng, Chichun Pan. Supply Chain Management and Virtual Industry Chain. Science Press, 2004. (In Chinese)

6. Yuhua Sheng. Research on Leadership Quality Evaluation. Central Party Literature Press, 2002. (In Chinese)

7. Yuhua Sheng. General Theory of Management. China Commercial Publishing house, 2002. (In Chinese)

8. Yuhua Sheng. The Reader of Graduate Employment Training Knowledge. Central Party Literature Press, 2002. (In Chinese)

9. Yuhua Sheng. An Analysis of the Contingency of Decision - Making. China Soft Science, 1997 (8): 18-20. (In Chinese)

10. Yuhua Sheng. Soft Management Theory. China Soft Science, 1995 (2): 58-61. (In Chinese)

11. Yuhua Sheng, Zhijun Fang and Ping Wang. Research on the Evaluation Model of Senior Management. China Industrial Economics, 2002 (10): 70-75. (In Chinese)

12. Yuhua Sheng. Management Decision Difficulty Evaluation Model. Economic Management Journal, 2002 (23): 37-38. (In Chinese)

13. Yuhua Sheng, Zhijun Fang. Research on Interview Evaluation Model of Management Ability. Economic Management Journal, 2003 (13): 44-47. (In Chinese)

14. Yuhua Sheng, Jinsheng Li. Marketing Control Model Based on Technical Factors and Its Empirical Analysis. China Industrial Economics, 2004 (7): 98-104. (In Chinese)


 Research Grants:

1. National Natural Science Foundation of China (70172027) “Research on Unstructured Test of Management Capability”.

2. Jiangsu Science and Technology Department of Soft Science Project (BR2008049) “Research on Input Mechanism and Management Mode of Original Innovation of Jiangsu Science and Technology Enterprises”, Host.

3. National Development and Reform Commission (1994-1995) “Research on the Strategic Management of Economic Development in Jiangsu Province”.

4. State Education Commission of the PRC (1995-1996) “Research on Deng Xiaoping's Strategic Theory”.

5. Jiangsu Provincial Government (1996-1997) “The System and Procedure of Democratic Decision - Making”.

6. Jiangsu Provincial Government (1997-1998) “The Soft Management Mode of Ideological and Political Work in Enterprises”.

7. Jiangsu Provincial Government (1997-1998) “Methodology of Ideological and Political Work”.

8. Jiangsu Provincial Government (1998-1999) “A Study on the Morality and Behavior Norms of Political Workers”.

9. Jiangsu Provincial Government (2002-2003) “Research on Quality Evaluation of Leading Cadres”.

10. The European Union (1998) “A Comparative Study of EU - China Enterprise Management”.


1. The third prize of Jiangsu Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award in 2007 for “Research on Management Ability Evaluation”.

2. The third prize of Jiangsu Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award in 2001 for “Research on Urban Modernization”.


1. Management Decision Theory and Method (PhD)

2. Modern Management Theory (postgraduate)

3. Strategic Management Research (postgraduate)

4. Human Resource Management (MBA)