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Yuxia Wang Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Western economics
  • Development economics
Research Interests: 
  • Western economics
  • Development economics

Yuxia Wang, currently master tutor, associate professor of School of business, Nanjing Normal University. Wang graduated in Xinjiang Institute of Finance and Economics (present-day Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics) and obtained a bachelor's degree in economics in 1994.In 1997 she graduated from the College of economics of Xiamen University and received a master's degree in economics. Wang finished his PhD study in 2012 November from Nanjing Agricultural University and majored in economic management.

1997 Wang has taught at the Business School of Nanjing Normal University, curriculum lectures with political economics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, institutional economics, development economics.


Selected Publications

  1. The eastern region of rural transfer of labor skills training: cognition, evaluation and demand analysis", Wang Yuxia, Statistics and Decision, 2010, 10:81-84.
  2. The restriction factor and promotion path of regional independent innovation ability from the perspective of science and technology resources allocation efficiency: taking South of Jiangsu as an example," Wang Yuxia, On Economic Problems, 2010, 5:123-127.
  3. Jiangsu new rural construction evaluation research", Wang Yuxia, Jiangsu Social Sciences, 2009, 2:212-219.
  4. The analysis of food subsidy policy based on the perspective of welfare economics", Wang Yuxia, Guizhou Social Sciences, 2009, 3:41-44.
  5. The city of innovation system in local government positioning and technological innovation ability", Wang Yuxia, Nanjing Journal of Social Sciences, 2008, 9:133-140.
  6. Institutional efficiency analysis based on Game Theory", Wang Yuxia, Journal of Nanjing Normal University, 2006, 6:62-67.



  1. Wang Yuxia, 2008-2010, migrant workers in the construction of new rural areas in Jiangsu Province, the study of the issue of social science, philosophy and social sciences research project
  2. Wang Yuxia, 2010-2011, Jiangsu innovation economy, the role of government in the study, the South Normal University "211 Project" major cross disciplinary projects
  3. Wang Yuxia, 2012-2013, Jiangsu coastal urban and rural co-ordination and optimization of industrial research, Jiangsu coastal areas along the Yangtze River Development Research Institute of the tender subject



Microeconomics (undergraduate)

Macroeconomics (undergraduate)

Development Economics (undergraduate、graduate)