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Zhongwen Tong Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
Financial Risk
Research Interests: 
Financial Risk

Zhongwen Tong, master of economics, doctoral degree in financial engineering, Ph.D. in management, post doctorate in applied economics. His doctoral dissertation obtained the Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of Southeast University in 2010. Associate Professor, master tutor of finance. He has host a national social science project and the Ministry of education of Humanities and Social Sciences project, and he is the main research personnel to participate in a "973 project" research and a number of national science and social science fund project research, he has published academic papers nearly 20 papers.


Selected publications

1. Zhong-wen Tong. Sequence optimization of inter-bank asset liquidation and risk contagion immune mechanism. Chinese Journal of Management Science, 2012,1.

2. Zhong-wen Tong,Jian-min He.Research on default correlation of risk neutral calibration based on Copula.Chinese Journal of Management Science, 2008,5.

3. Zhong-wen Tong,Jian-min He,Je-Cao.QDIIIs a double-edged sword.Investment research,2006,11.

4. Zhong-wen Tong,Jian-min He.Fuzzy measure of liquidity risk based on option pricing method.Chinese Journal of Management Science, 2008.

5. Zhong-wen Tong. Integrated risk measurement index system of commercial banks based on capital optimization. Chinese Journal of Management Science, 2011.

6. Zhong-wen Tong, Jia-yun Ding,Mei-Zhen Yu.An analytical model of pecking order financing problem.Technology Economics, 2007,11.

7. Qi-Zhi He,Jian-min He,Zhong-wen Tong. Shibor Research on term structure dynamics.Journal of Applied Statistics and Management, 2009,1.

8. Zhong-wen Tong,Cong-lai Fan. Economic fluctuations, network evolution and banking systemic risk. The second "China financial development academic forum".



1 money and Banking (undergraduate)

2 risk management (undergraduate)

3 financial markets (undergraduate)

4 financial engineering theory and Practice (graduate student)



Mailing address:   The Business School of Nanjing Normal University, No. 1, WenYuen Road Qixia District, Nanjing