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Academic team of enterprise growth strategy innovation based on sustainable competitive advantage

Team formed the background of “sustainable competitive advantage of enterprise growth strategy innovation”. The academic team originated in 1998 with the establishment of the "SME research team" against the background of Asian financial crisis and enterprise reform. The team conducts researches on the characteristics and capabilities of SMEs, SME financing, SME industry distribution, the role of government regulation, etc. After 10 years of efforts, the team has obtained many important achievements. In 2008, the financial crisis swept the world, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprise bankrupted and corporate growth environment has radically changed; innovation and development became the basic requirements as well as competitive advantage for enterprises and the country. In order to adapt to the changes in economic environment at home and abroad, research team focused on the enterprise competitive advantage and growth strategy innovation, and many small and medium-sized research teams successfully transformed into "academic team".

The main objectives of the innovation strategy of the academic team are to create and promote the enterprise sustainable competitive advantage through stable growth tectonic environment and enterprise strategy innovation and evolution. To achieve this goal, the team set up three main research directions. Direction one: research of the method and policy of enterprises’ endogenous ability training focusing on the interaction of exterior environment and internal resources to support enterprises in cultivating their abilities (leader: Professor Fuxin Jiang; major members: Professor Shigui Tao, Professor Junhong Bai). Direction two: corporate diversification and internationalization strategy (leader: Professor Zhen Pan; members: Professor Jianping Gu, Professor Jinsheng Li and associate professor Mingchao Yu). Direction three: enterprise growth environment optimization studies (leader: Professor Jitong Zhang; members: Professor Junxi Shen, Professor Sixian Feng).

Features and advantages of the team are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  • Sustainable competitive advantage of enterprise acquisition and growth strategy innovation is of great practical significance, the research results will have a positive effect on China’s enterprise growth.
  • Accumulation of knowledge brought by long-term research on enterprises
  • Team members have adequate research ability, high level of education, reasonable knowledge and structure

Team development goals:

  • Develop corporates’ sustainable competitive advantage and innovational growth ability.
  • Enhance the team's academic influence, cultivate and train young teachers to improve the academic level of economics and management disciplines.