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Academic team of enterprise growth strategy innovation based on sustainable competitive advantage

Team formed the background of "sustainable competitive advantage of enterprise growth strategy innovation" academic team originated in 1998, the establishment of the SME research team". The team to the Asian financial crisis and enterprise reform as the background, the study of the characteristics and capabilities of SMEs, SME financing, SME industry distribution and the role of government regulation and so on. After continuous 10 years of efforts, the team published many important works, including the National Social Science Fund, a number of research projects. The achievement obtained the first prize of province government, including a number of awards including, in the domestic form greater influence, become the domestic small and medium-sized enterprises and research and academic heights. Beginning in 2008, the financial crisis sweeping the world, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprise bankruptcy, corporate growth environment has radically changed, innovation and development to become the basic requirements of enterprises and the country to obtain competitive advantage. Comply with the requirements of the changes in the economic environment at home and abroad, research focus of the academic team gradually concentrated to the enterprise competitive advantage and growth strategy innovation "," small and medium-sized research team successfully transformed into "academic team innovation strategy based on sustainable competitive advantage of enterprise growth.
The main research direction of the core objectives of the innovation strategy of the academic team based on sustainable competitive advantage of enterprise growth is around to create and promote the enterprise sustainable competitive advantage, through stable growth tectonic environment and enterprise strategy innovation, enterprise growth evolution, the ultimate guarantee of enterprise's sustainable growth. Around this goal, the team set up three main research directions. Direction one: the method and Policy Research of enterprise's endogenous ability training. The direction by Professor Fu Xin Jiang, as the leader, Professor Shi GUI Tao, an associate professor of Bai Junhong as the main members, focusing on from the point of view of the interaction of exterior environment and internal resources to support enterprises in cultivating the students' ability and evolution methods and means; second direction of corporate diversification and internationalization strategy of. The direction to pan Zhen Professor, as the leader, Professor Gu Jianping, Li Jinsheng and associate professor at Ming Chao Yu, associate professor of as the main members, from the determinants of institutional and legal angle to research the enterprise growth strategy, path and performance; three directions: enterprise growth environment optimization studies. The direction by Professor Ji Tong Zhang, as the leader, Professor Jun Xi Shen and sealing Si Xian associate professor for core members, mainly from the relationship between the business ecosystem angle research environment and enterprise growth and how the environment optimization to change the development mode of enterprise and to obtain better competitive upgrade path.
Features and advantages of the team is mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1, sustainable competitive advantage of enterprise acquisition and growth strategy innovation is a strong practical significance of important research topic, the research results will be to our country enterprise growth have a greater impact; 2, the team long-term research enterprise into a long, have a strong accumulation of knowledge; 3, team members has strong research ability, high level of education, knowledge structure, age structure optimization advantage. 10 core members of the team have a doctorate degree, have a senior title.
Team development goals focus on sustainable competitive advantage and corporate growth strategic innovation, this theme, the organization to carry out research and research, for the publication of 2 books, published 15 papers, the application of national topics 3. At the same time, to improve the quality of the results, to enhance the team's academic influence at the same time, absorb, cultivate and train young teachers, improve the academic level of economics and management discipline.