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Academic Events

In-situ Detection of Life Molecules in Micro-Nano Confined Spaces

        At 2:00 pm on September 21, 2020, Professor Fan Xia came to Nanjing Normal University with the invitation of the School of Chemistry and Materials Science, Analysis and Testing Center, and made an academic report of “In-situ detection of life molecules in micro-nano confined spaces” in the Room 226 of the Huaxing Building. Teachers and students participated in this conference which was hosted by Professor Zhihui Dai.  

        Professor Fan Xia takes the development of in-situ detection as the main line. First, through the combination of probe molecules and target molecules in the micro/nano confinement space, the “in-situ detection” with high-sensitivity and high-specificity is realized, breaking the limitation of ex-situ binding of target molecules and probe molecules. Next, the nanopore channel is used as an entry point to introduce the relevant single-molecule study, especially for the detection of biomolecules. It controls the gating effect of probes inside and outside the nanowire channel to achieve "sensitivity" and "specificity" regulation. Finally, Professor Fan Xia shared his thoughts and conjectures on topics such as "ultra-small aperture ultra-fast transmission" and "potassium ion channel selective transmission". The report of Professor Xia Fan brought enlightenment and thinking to the teachers and students present