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Academic Events

Lecture: Defects and Catalysis

At the invitation of Professor Li Yafei, School of Chemistry and Materials Science, Nanjing Normal University, Professor Wang shuangyin from Hunan University came to our university for academic exchanges on December 27, 2019, and made a wonderful academic report titled "Defects and Aatalysis" . The report was chaired by Professor Li yafei, and teachers and students in related fields participated in this academic report.

In this report, Professor Wang Shuangyin introduced the defects and catalysis from four aspects: classification of defects, characterization of defects, defect construction, and defect catalysis. Defects are divided in point defects, line defects, surface defects, and body defects from zero, one, two, and three dimensions. Defects are characterized by different characterization methods combined with calculations. As well as the construction of defects through different chemical methods, the application of defects for electrocatalysis is emphasized from different aspects. After the report, Professor Wang shuangyin carried out in-depth exchanges and discussions with the teachers and students, and provided detailed answers to the questions raised by the teachers and students. The report ended successfully with warm applause.