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Academic Events

Lecture: Research based on the characterization of interface electron transfer

At 2:30 pm on November 19, 2020, Professor Lu Xiaoquan came to Nanjing Normal University with the invitation of the School of Chemistry and Materials Science, and made an academic report of “Research based on the characterization of interface electron transfer” in the Room 226 of the Huaxing Building. Teachers and students participated in this conference which was hosted by Professor Zhiyuan Gu.

In the academic meeting, Professor Lu emphasized the importance of the catalytic reaction interface. Conventional macroscopic characterizations can only reflect the overall results, while the microscopic phenomena cannot be known. Therefore, he developed a new type of catalytic interface microscopic characterization method SPECM. By reporting his latest research results, Professor Lu gave us a detailed introduction to SPECM's working mode (positive and negative feedback mode), data analysis and research conclusions.

Teachers and students were deeply inspired. After the report, Professor Lu also discussed adequately with them.