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Academic Events

Lecture Series of Analytical Chemistry Young Scholars Forum

In the Room 101 of the Huaxing Building, rom 9:00 to 17:00 on October 17, 2020, with the invitation of the School of Chemistry and Materials Science, 12 young analytical chemistry scholars, Professor Xu Weilin (Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry), Professor Liang Qionglin (Tsinghua University), Professor Zhu Zhi (Xiamen University), Professor Zhao Yongxi (Xi'an) Jiaotong University), Professor Zhou Ming (Northeast Normal University), Professor Ying Yilun (Nanjing University), Professor Wang Yong (Tianjin University), Professor Wang Hua (Henan Normal University), Professor Shi Wen (Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Professor Wu Peng ( Sichuan University), Professor Zhou Jiang (Peking University), Professor Wu Fugen (Southeast University) came to the Academy of Chemical Sciences of our school for academic exchanges. They reported the topics of "Single Molecule/Single Atom Level Energy Catalytic Process", "Microfluidic Spinning Technology and Its Application in the Preparation of Bionic Structure and Organ Models", and "Droplet Micro New method for efficient screening of fluid control", "Single cell nucleic acid analysis", "Portable body fluid sensor-integrated electronics for on-site real-time molecular detection", "Nanopore single molecule analysis new mechanism and application", "Cyclodextrin chirality" Separation and Recognition Chemistry", "Fluorescence Recognition Signal Regulation and Biosensing", "Optical Probes and Fluorescence Imaging Analysis", "Research on New Room Temperature Phosphorescence Analysis Methods", "Properties, Recognition and Functions of Nucleic Acid Advanced Structures", "Sub "Cell Nano Diagnosis and Treatment", respectively. Leaders, teachers, and graduate students from our school participated in this academic forum. The report was hosted by Professor Dai Zhihui, Professor Chen Dayong, Professor Gu Zhiyuan and Professor Wang Guanbo.

First of all, Professor Bao Jianchun, Dean of the Academy of Chemical Sciences, gave a welcome speech, introducing the history of Nanjing Normal University, the scientific research conditions, the scale of teachers and students, etc., and predicted that this academic forum will be a complete success. Subsequently, the academic forum officially began, and 12 experts reported in turn. The meeting was divided into four halves, including two breaks. At the academic report meeting, the experts reported the latest research progress. Some of the novel research ideas and methods have opened our eyes and deeply inspired us. The report is rich in content and covers a wide range of research directions, including energy catalysis, microfluidics, nanopores, biosensing, fluorescence imaging, nano diagnosis and treatment, etc. Experts have different speech styles, using humorous, concise, precise, and professional language to analyze high-level academic issues, so that the teachers and students present are suddenly enlightened.


At 5:00 pm, the academic forum was successfully finished under the auspices of Professor Zhiyuan Gu. This academic forum was a large-scale academic exchange activity, which has shortened the distance between students and students, students and experts, experts and experts. The communication between peers is closer, and the scientific research road is smoother, which further stimulated enthusiasm and creativity of scientific research for students, and enriched the academic atmosphere of the college. Finally, young scholars, college teachers, and leaders took a group photo.