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Academic Events

Leture:Supramolecular Chemistry and Drug R&D

At the invitation of the School of Chemistry and Materials Science, Professor Liu Yu from Nankai University has visited the College of Chemistry and Materials Science of Nanjing Normal University on January 6, 2020, and delivered a lecture titled with " Supramolecular Chemistry and Drug R&D " in the lecture hall 226 of Huaxing Building. The wonderful lecture was hosted by Professor Bao Jianchun, with the presence of more than 100 teachers and students.

Liu Yu, professor at Nankai University. Professor Liu graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China in 1977. he then worked as a research assistant in Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, until 1986, in which year he started to working on his PhD thesis at the Department of Applied Chemistry in Hemiji Institute of Technology in Japan. After obtained his PhD degree in 1991, he returned to China and took a two-year post-doctoral position at Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics. In 1993, he moved to Tianjin, took a professorship at the Department of Chemistry in Nankai University. His research focuses on supramolecular chemistry, including molecular assembly of synthetic receptors and construction of nano-sized supramolecular aggregates, as well as the application of supramolecular technology in molecular pharmaceutics. He has published more than 500 papers in SCI journals with more than 13,000 times of citation. He has been selected as the leader of “973 program” twice, and has collected plenty of important awards, such as “The Second-class Award of the State Natural Science Award” (2010), “The Second-class Award of Scientific and Technological Progress Prize by Ministry of Education” (twice-1998, 2002), Yangtse River Scholar Distinguished Professor” (2000) and so on. He is currently of the associate editors of Chemical Research in Chinese Universities and Chinese Chemical Letters, also on the editorial boards of Asian J. Org. Chem and other 7 important journals.

In his lecture, Professor Liu introduced exiting findings and achievements in his group on the topic of supramolecular chemistry related with drug development. the Liu group has furnished the applications of supramolecular technology to molecular machines, supramolecular soft materials, and supramolecular drug transport. Professor Liu’s humor and outstanding research achievements won him the very warm applause in the hall.


Professor Bao Jianchun thanked Professor Liu for his fantastic lecture, and expressed his wish for having Professor Liu to visit Nanjing Normal University again in the near future.