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Prof. Dongmei Sun and Prof. Yawen Tang’s collaborative work has been published in the JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A

L-Glutamic acid derived PtPd@Pt core/satellite nanoassemblies as an effectively cathodic electrocatalyst
Chen, YF (Chen, Yifan)[ 1 ] ; Fu, GT (Fu, Gengtao)[ 1,2,3 ] ; Li, YY (Li, Yueyang)[ 1 ] ; Gu, QS (Gu, Quanshu)[ 1 ] ; Xu, L (Xu, Lin)[ 1 ] ; Sun, DM (Sun, Dongmei)[ 1 ]*; Tang, YW (Tang, Yawen)[ 1 ]*

[ 1 ] Nanjing Normal Univ, Jiangsu Key Lab New Power Batteries, Jiangsu Collaborat Innovat Ctr Biomed Funct Mat, Sch Chem & Mat Sci, Nanjing 210023, Jiangsu, Peoples R China
[ 2 ] Univ Texas Austin, Mat Sci & Engn Program, Austin, TX 78712 USA
[ 3 ] Univ Texas Austin, Texas Mat Inst, Austin, TX 78712 USA

JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, Jan.2017, 5(8),3774-3779

A novel PtPd@Pt core/satellite nanoassemblies with a PtPd bimetallic core and a dendritic Pt shell was fabricated via a simple yet efficient L-glutamic acid derived self-assembly method. The obtained PtPd@Pt nanoassemblies exhibit the reinforced catalytic performance in the aspect of activity and stability for the oxygen reduction reaction relative to the commercial Pt black.