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Prof. Jianchun Bao and Assoc. Prof. Xiaosi Zhou’s collaborative work has been published in the JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C

A Few-Layer SnS2/Reduced Graphene Oxide Sandwich Hybrid for Efficient Sodium Storage
Tu, FZ (Tu, Fengzhang)[ 1 ] ; Xu, X (Xu, Xin)[ 1,2 ] ; Wang, PZ (Wang, Pengzi)[ 1 ] ; Si, L (Si, Ling)[ 1 ] ; Zhou, XS (Zhou, Xiaosi)[ 1 ]*; Bao, JC (Bao, Jianchun)[ 1 ]*

[ 1 ] Nanjing Normal Univ, Sch Chem & Mat Sci, Jiangsu Key Lab Biofunct Mat, Nanjing 210023, Jiangsu, Peoples R China
[ 2 ] Longyan Univ, Coll Chem & Mat Sci, Longyan 364012, Peoples R China

JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, Feb.2017, 121(6),3261-3269

Rechargeable sodium-ion batteries have lately received considerable attention as an alternative to lithium-ion batteries because sodium resources are essentially inexhaustible and ubiquitous around, the world. Despite recent "reports on cathode materials for sodium-ion batteries have shown electrochemical activities close to their lithium-ion counterparts, the major scientific challenge for sodintii-iOn batteries is to exploit efficient anode materials. Herein, We demonstrate that a hybrid material composed of few-layer SnS2 nanosheets sandWiched between reduced graphene oxide (RGO) nanosheets exhibits a high specific capacity of 843 mAh g(-1) (calculated based_ on the mass of SnS2 only) at a current density of 0,1 A and a 98% capacity retention after100 cycles when evaluated =between 0.01 and 2.5 V. Employing ex situ high-resolution transmission electron microscopy,and selected area electron diffiattion techniques, we illustrate the-high specific capacity of our anode through a 3-fold mechanism of intercalation Of sodium ions along the ab-plane of SnS2 nanosheets.and the ' i..thequerit. formation of Na2S2 and' Na15Sn4 thiorigh conversion arid alloy reactions. The existence of RGO nanosheets in the hybrid material functions as a flexible backbone and-high-speed electronic pathways, guaranteeing that an appropriate resilient space buffers the anisotropic dilation of SnS2 nanosheets along the ab-plane and c-axis for stable cycling performance.