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Academic Events

Publication: Facile solid-state synthesis of Ni@C nanosheet-assembled hierarchical network for high-performance lithium storage

Prof. Yiming Zhou and Assoc. Prof. Ping Wu published their collaborative work in the JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES (201708,358,69-75)

Micro/nano-architectured transition-metal@C hybrids possess unique structural and compositional features toward lithium storage, and are thus expected to manifest ideal anodic performances in advanced lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). Herein, we propose a facile and scalable solid-state coordination and subsequent pyrolysis route for the formation of a novel type of micro/nano-architectured transitionmetal@C hybrid (i.e., Ni@C nanosheet-assembled hierarchical network, Ni@C network). Moreover, this coordination-pyrolysis route has also been applied for the construction of bare carbon network using zinc salts instead of nickel salts as precursors. When applied as potential anodic materials in LIBs, the Ni@C network exhibits Ni-content-dependent electrochemical performances, and the partially-etched Ni@C network manifests markedly enhanced Li-storage performances in terms of specific capacities, cycle life, and rate capability than the pristine Ni@C network and carbon network. The proposed solidstate coordination and pyrolysis strategy would open up new opportunities for constructing micro/nanoarchitectured transition-metal@C hybrids as advanced anode materials for LIBs.