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Academic Events

Publication: Systematic Research and Evaluation Models of Nanomotors for Cancer Combined Therapy

Prof. Chun Mao and Prof. Jian Shen published their research papers in ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION(202005,10.1002/anie.202002452)


Limited tumor permeability of therapeutic agents is a great challenge faced by current cancer therapy methods. Herein, a kind of near infrared light (NIR)-driven nanomotor with autonomous movement, targeted ability, hierarchical porous structure, multi-drugs for cancer chemo/photothermal therapy is designed, prepared and characterized. Further, we establish a method to study the interaction between nanomotors and cells, along with their tumor permeability mechanism, including 2D cellular models, 3D multicellular tumor spheroids and in vivo models. In vivo tumor elimination results verify that the movement behaviour of the nanomotors can greatly facilitate them to eliminate tumor through multiple therapeutic methods. This work tries to establish systematic research and evaluation models, providing strategies to understand the relationship between motion behaviour and tumor permeation efficiency of nanomotors in depth.