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Publication: Ultrahigh efficient laser desorption ionization of saccharides by Ti-based metal-organic frameworks nanosheets

Prof. Zhiyuan Gu published a research paper in ANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA (201811,1032,91-98)


We proposed some exfoliated Ti-based metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) nanosheets as matrices with ultrahigh ionization efficiency, free matrix background, significant dispersibility and acidic resistance. Combining the features between MOFs and 2-D nanomaterials, the NTU-9 nanosheets matrix also demonstrated suitable band gap energy and superior photoabsorption properties, much better than other representative MOFs. A wide range of small molecules that involving low mass region were also analyzed with NTU-9 nanosheets as the matrices in both positive-ion and negative-ion reflector modes. The ultra-efficient NTU-9 nanosheets matrix was successfully applied to serum for quantitative determination of glucose as a clinical diagnosis indicator of diabetes mellitus.