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Bo Zhao Professor

Research Interests: 
Selective and Sensitive Detection: The selective and sensitive detection of the deleterious compounds in food products and environment. e.g. the nanomaterial-based electrochemical immunoassays and immunosensors, portable detecting instrument. And then bra

Research Projects

  1. Technology Support Program of Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province, (2015.7—2018.6, BE2015703)
  2. Major Program for the Natural Science Fundamental Research of the Higher Education Institutions of Jiangsu Province(2015.7—2018.6, 15KJA350002)
  3. Jiangsu agricultural science and Technology Innovation Fund Project (2014.7—2017.6, CX(14)2127)
  4. Technology Support Program of Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province (2014.7—2017.6, BE2014720).
  5. Key Scientific and Technological Project of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission (2010.7.1-2013.9.30, 10391901800).
  6. Technology Support Program of Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province (2011.5—2013.12, BE2011196).
  7. Jiangsu agricultural science and Technology Innovation Fund Project (2012.7-2014.6, CX(12)3088)


Journal Articles

  1. Bo Zhao, Jinfan Huang, Lawrence S. Bartell, Molecular dynamics studies of the size and temperature dependence of the kinetics of freezing of Fe nanoparticles, Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 2013, 207: 35-41
  2. Bo Zhao,Shanshan Chen,Jinfan Huang,Lawrence S. Bartell,Recrystallization from a Three-Grain Crystalline Iron,Journal of Solid State Physics,2015,141:1-6
  3. Xiaoqing Xu, Ping Wu, Wang Xu, Qian Shao, Li An, Hui Zhang, Chenxin Cai*, and Bo Zhao*, Effects of guanidinium ions on the conformational structure of glucose oxidase studied by electrochemistry, spectroscopy, and theoretical calculations: towards developing a chemical-induced protein conformation assay, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2012, 14: 5824-5836.
  4. Wang, Qian,Xu, Wang,Wu, Ping,Zhang, Hui,Cai, Chenxin,Zhao, Bo*,New Insights into the Effects of Thermal Treatment on the Catalytic Activity and Conformational Structure of Glucose Oxidase Studied by Electrochemistry, IR Spectroscopy, and Theoretical Calculation,Journal of Physical ChemistryB,2010,114(39):12754-12764.
  5. Daodong Pan, Huiqing Guo, Bo Zhao*, Jinxuan Cao,The molecular mechanisms of interactions between bioactive peptides and angiotensin-converting enzyme, Bioorga. & Med. Chem. Lett., 2011, 21: 3898-3904.
  6. Chen, Chang-Yun,Zhao, Bo*,Wang, Zheng-Wu,Interaction of thiacloprid with bovine hemoglobin using spectroscopic and molecular modeling methods,Spectroscopy: An International Journal,2010,24(5):559-566.
  7. Wu, Jinhong,Rong, Yuzhi,aWang, Zhengwu,Zhou, Yanfu,Wang, Shaoyun*,Zhao, Bo,Isolation and characterisation of sericin antifreeze peptides and molecular dynamics modelling of their ice-binding interaction,Food Chemistry,2015,174:621-629.
  8. Shaopeng Qi,Bo Zhao,Heqing Tang,Xiaoqing Jiang,Determination of ascorbic acid, dopamine, and uriacid  by a novel electrochemical sensor based on pristine graphene,Electrochimica Acta,2015,161(2):395-402.
  9. Lu, Hao,Lu, Ling,Xu, Zhen-Chao,Lu, Yun-Jie,Zhao, Bo,Zhuang, Lin,Hao, Bao-Bing,Zhang, Feng*,Tauroursodeoxycholic acid and 4-phenyl butyric acid alleviate endoplasmic reticulum stress and improve prognosis of donation after cardiac death liver transplantation in rats,Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Diseases International,2014,13(6):586-593.
  10. Sun, Chong,Ma, Lie,Qian, Qiuhui,Parmar, Soniya,Zhao, Wenbo*,Zhao, Bo,Shen, Jian,A chitosan-Au-hyperbranched polyester nanoparticles-based antifouling immunosensor for sensitive detectionof carcinoembryonic antigen,Analyst,2014,139(17):4216-4222.
  11. Xu, Fei,Wu, Qi-nan*,Chen, Jun,Gu, Wei,Fang, Fang,Zhang, Lin-qun,Zhao, Bo,The binding mechanisms of plasma protein to active compounds in Alismaorientale rhizomes (Alismatis Rhizoma),Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters,2014,24(17):4099-4105.
  12. Rong, Yuzhi,Wu, Jinhong,Liu, Xing,Zhao, Bo,Wang, Zhengwu*,Study on structural and spectral properties of isobavachalcone and 4-hydroxyderricin by computational method,Spectrochimica Acta Part A:Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy,2014,126:254-259.
  13. Chen, Jun,He, Chao-Qin,Lin, Ai-Hua,Xu, Fei,Wang, Fang,Zhao, Bo,Liu, Xiao,Chen, Zhi-Peng,Cai, Bao-Chang*,Brucine-loaded liposomes composed of HSPC and DPPC at different ratios: in vitro and in vivo evaluation,Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy,2014,40(2):244-251.
  14. Han, Jun,Song, Qin-Qin,Sun, Peng,Zhang, Jin,Wang, Xu,Song, Juan,Li, Gong-Qi,Liu,Ying-Hui,Mei, Guo-Yong,Shi, Qi,Tian, Chan,Chen, Cao,Gao, Chen,Zhao, Bo*,Dong, Xiao-Ping*,Interaction between 14-3-3 beta and PrP influences the dimerization of 14-3-3 and fibrillization of PrP106-126,International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology,2014,47:20-28.
  15. Wu, Haitao,Chen, Shanshan,Liu, Meng,Xu, Xingzhou,Ji, Xuemei,Gao, Kai,Tian, Aiying,Ke, Zhen,Zhang, Jianrong,Zhao, Bo,Zhang, Shuangquan*,Molecular characterization and evolutionary analysis of horse BAFF-R, a tumor necrosis factor receptor related to B-cell survival,International Immunopharmacology,2014,18(1):163-168.
  16. Lu, S,Ma, Y. J.,Xuan, H. Y.,Wang, A.,Zhao, B.,Li, X. D.,Zhou, J. H.,Lin, Y.,Zhou, L.*,Wei,S. H.,A novel assembling complex of hydrobobic phthalocyanine-cyclodextrin: preparation, characterization, molecular modeling, and in vitro activity,RSC Advances,2014,4(104):59759-59763.
  17. Rong, Yu Zhi,Wang, Zheng Wu*,Zhao, Bo,DFT-Based Quantum Chemical Studies on Conformational, Electronic and Antioxidant Properties of Isobavachalcone and 4-Hydroxyderricin,Food Biophysics,2013(4):250-255.
  18. Han, Qiaorong,Chen, Xiaohan,Niu, Yanhan,Zhao, Bo,Wang, Bingxiang,Mao, Chun*,Chen, Libin,Shen, Jian, Preparation of Water-Soluble Hyperbranched Polyester Nanoparticles with Sulfonic Acid Functional Groups and Their Micelles Behavior, Anticoagulant Effect and Cytotoxicity,Langmuir,2013,29(26):8402-8409.
  19. Rong, Yu Zhi,Wang, Zheng Wu*,Zhao, Bo,A DFT Study on the Structural and Antioxidant Properties of Three Flavonols,Food Biophysics,2013,8(2):90-94.
  20. Sun, Chong,Niu, Yanlian,Tong, Fengyu,Mao, Chun(*),Huang, Xiaohua,Zhao, Bo,Shen, Jian,Preparation of novel electrochemical glucose biosensors for whole blood based on antibiofouling polyurethane-heparin nanoparticles,Electrochimica Acta,2013,97:349-356.
  21. Fu, Jin,Chen, Dan,Zhao, Bo,Zhao, Zhihui,Zhou, Jiahong,Xu, Yimiao,Xin, Yinqiang,Liu, Chang,Luo, Lan*,Yin, Zhimin,Luteolin Induces Carcinoma Cell Apoptosis through Binding Hsp90 to Suppress Constitutive Activation of STAT3,PLos One,2012,7(11).
  22. Rong, Yuzhi,Wang, Zhengwu*,Wu, Jinhong,Zhao, Bo,A theoretical study on cellular antioxidant activity of selected flavonoids,Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy,2012,93:235-239.
  23. Pan, Daodong*,Cao, Jinxuan,Guo, Huiqing,Zhao, Bo,Studies on purification and the molecular mechanism of a novel ACE inhibitory peptide from whey protein hydrolysate,Food Chemistry,2012,130(1):121-126.
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  27. Chen, Chang-Yun*,Ma, Mei-Hua,Zhao, Bo,Xie, Shao-Fei,Xiang, Bing-Ren,Stochastic resonancealgorithm applied to quantitative analysis for weak liquid chromatographic signal of pyrene in water samples,International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry,2011,91(1):112-119.


    1. Jieping Shi, Shuo Wang, Fusheng Chen, Bo Zhao et al., Food safety risk assessment, china agricultural university press, 2010.
    2. Zhihua Zhou, Anding Jin, Bo Zhao, Xiaolei Zhu, Materials chemistry, chemical industry press, 2006.


  1. An electrochemical immunoassay for detecting a variety of artificial estrogens, ZL 201310444291.9, authorized Feb.2016.
  2. A portable kit for multiple beta adrenergic agonists detection, ZL 201110237291.2, authorized Nov.2014.
  3. Preparation and application of an electrochemical immunosensor for melamine determination, ZL 201110213016.7, authorized Oct.2013.
  4. Preparation and application of an immunosensor for diethylstilbestrol detection, ZL 201110212844.9, authorized Oct.2013.
  5. A modified electrochemical electrode for detection of thiacloprid, ZL 201220231240.9, authorized Oct.2014.


Honors and Awards


  1. the first prize for paper award of China Food Science and Technology Institute outstanding, 2007
  2. Shanghai "science and Technology Progress Award", the second prize, 2013.
  3. Shanghai Pudong new district "science and Technology Progress Award", the first prize, 2013.
  4. China food industry research innovation development, "outstanding scientific research talent award", 2013.
  5. The sixteenth China International Industry Fair, excellent product award, 2014.



Academic Title

Professor of Physical Chemistry

Director of Huaian research institute of Nanjing Normal University.

Associate Director of National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center of Biomedical Functional Materials