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Dan Zhu Professor

Research Interests: 
Using a combination of different instruments, we study the structures and behaviors of the condensed polymer chains and the polymer complex, including


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  7. 第13回在日中国人留学成果報告会暨優秀論文授賞式,第四届中国留学人员南京国际交流与合作大会(受邀),南京,2011.10
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  10. 朱丹,介电谱对高聚物复杂结构和动力学的研究,高分子科学青年学者研讨会(受邀),苏州,2009.11



  1. National Science Foundation China, (General Program, No. 51273091, ¥830,000RMB). 2013.1~2016.12.
  2. National Science Foundation China, (Youth Program, No. 21204037, ¥270,000RMB). 2013.1~2015.12.
  3. Scientific Research Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, State Education Ministry, (¥40,000RMB). 2012.6~2015.12.
  4. National Science Foundation China, (General Program, No. 21074056, ¥120,000RMB). 2010.1~2010.12.
  5. User’s Project of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA.

CNMS2011-330, 2012.1~2012.12; CNMS2014-378, 2015.1~2015.12.



Award of ACAJ (Association of Chinese Alumni in Japan) in Physics, Chemistry & Materials, the 4th Nanjing Conference of the International Exchange and Cooperation for Overseas Chinese Professionals, Oct. 2011.



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