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Qiaorong Han Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
Her current research interests include the synthesis of dendritic macromolecule nano functional materials and the macroscopic self-assembly of dendrimers, and mainly study on the self-assembly of one-dimensional or two-dimensional nano materials of the hy

Research Projects

Natural science fund for colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province

Journal Articles

1. Preparation of Water-Soluble Hyperbranched Polyester Nanoparticles with Sulfonic Acid Functional Groups and Their Micelles Behavior, Anticoagulant Effect and Cytotoxicity, Qiaorong Han, Xiaohan Chen, Yanlian Niu, Bo Zhao, Bingxiang Wang, Chun Mao, Libin Chen, and Jian Shen. Langmuir 2013, 29, 8402−8409. (SCI, 2区)

2. Hyperbranched Polyester Nanorods with Pyrrolo[2,1-a]isoquinoline End Groups for Fluorescent Recognition of Fe3+, Qiaorong Han*, Yuliang Jiang, Can Jin, Shanshan Cheng, Xiaoxia Wang, Xiangyu Wang and Bingxiang Wang*, Polym. Chem., 2014, 5, 5900–5905. (SCI, 2区).

3. One-pot Synthesis of Indolizine Functionalized Nanohyperbranched Polyesters with Different Nano Morphologies and Their Fluorescent Response to Anthracene, Xiaoxia Wang,Fanyang Zeng, Can Jin, Yuliang Jiang, Qiaorong Han,* Bingxiang Wang* and Zhenye Ma*, Polym. Chem., 2015, 6, 1044-1051. (SCI, 2区).

4. Preparation and Biosafety Assessment of Water-Soluble Hyperbranched Polyester Nanoparticles with Carboxylic Acid Functional Groups, Qiaorong Han Xiaohan Chen, Weijuan Wang, Wenbo Zhao, Kuai Wang, Bingxiang Wang, Jian Shen, Journal of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, 2015,15(1):138-143. (SCI)

5. Preparation and Characterization of Magnetic Fe3O4–chitosan Nanoparticles Loaded with Isoniazid, Hong Qin , C. M. Wang, Qian Qian Dong, L. Zhang, X. Zhang, Zhen Ye Ma*, Qiao Rong Han*, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 2015, 381, 120–126. (SCI)

6. Self-assembly of Benzimidazole-Ended Nano Hyperbranched Polyester and Its Host-guest Response, Xiaoxia Wang, Fanyang Zeng, Zhenye Ma, Yuliang Jiang, Qiaorong Han*, Bingxiang Wang*, Materials Letters 2016,173,191–194. (SCI)

7. Synthesis, Self-Assembly, and Host–Guest Response of Naphthalic Anhydride-Ended Hyperbranched Polyesters, Xiaoxia Wang, Can Jin, Qiaorong Han*, Yuliang Jiang, Fanyang Zeng, Zhenye Ma,* Bingxiang Wang*, Macromol. Chem. Phys. 2016, 217, 1057−1064. (SCI)