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Xiaofeng Chen Professor

Research Interests: 
Current research interests are focused on the teaching research of inorganic chemistry and on the research of cooperative effects between -hole bondings.

Selected Publications


1.Chen X.-F., Wu Y., University Chemistry, 2013,V28(5):77-81

2. Chen X.-F., Zhao J., Li X.-D., et al, University Chemistry,2013,V28(6):54-61

3.Wu Y., Fang M., Chen X.F., Education in Chemistry , 2015,8:90-92

4.Li S.-L., Chen X.-F., Wu Y., et al, Chinese J. Chem. Edu.2015,10:12-18

5.Chen X.-F., Wang M., Wu Y., Bao J.C., Chinese J. Chem. Edu.2016,37:65-71