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Zhenggui Gu Professor

Research Interests: 
Integrated Separation Technology, Comprehensive utilization of resources

Research Projects:

  1.National Innovation Fund Project,Study on the industrialization of electronic grade DMM prepared by continuous reactive distillation and extraction integration,2010.01-2011.12

  2.Key projects of science and technology of Jiangsu Province,Study on the industrialization of the comprehensive utilization of 12 tons / year of chlorinated benzene,2010.01-2011.12

  3.Sinopec science and technology project,Deeply-Processing and Comprehensive Application of cracking C9 Aromatics,2010-2011

  4.Key projects of science and technology of Jiangsu Province,Deeply-Processing and Comprehensive Application of cracking C9 Aromatics,2012-2014

  5.Sinopec science and technology project《Study on the technology of cracking C9 to separate dicyclopentadiene and indane》,2012-2015

  6.Sinopec science and technology project,The pilot study on the separation and utilization of cracking C9,2012-2015

  7.Sinopec science and technology project,Integration of extraction and crystallization to extract diethylbenzene in heavy aromatics,2013-2016

  8.Sinopec science and technology project,Comprehensive utilization technology package development of 20 tons / year of cracking C9,2013-2016

  9. Other 27 cooperation projects.

Journal Articles:

  1.Hao Sun,Li Jiang,Zhenggui Gu*. Extract methylnaphthalene from C10?aromatics with sidetrack distillation and continuous crystallisation. Materials Research Innovations,?2015, 19(S8): 573-578.

  2.Xin Huang, Hao sun,Zhenggui Gu*.Preparation and Characterization of Zr(SO4)2/TiO2 catalyst,J Appl biometer Funct Mater,2016(recieved).

  3.Junhua Liu, Fang Wang, Shanshan Qi, ZhengguiGu, Gongde Wu. Highly selective epoxidation of styrene over gold-silica catalysts via one pot synthesis: Synthesis,characterization, and catalytic application, New Journal of Chemistry, 2013, 37, 769-774.

  4.Junhua Liu, Fang Wang, Zhenmao Ma, Jun Lin, ZhengguiGu, Vanadium phosphorus oxide modified by silver doping: a highly effective catalyst for allylic oxidation of cycloolefins. Catalysis Communications, 2011, 15, 103-107.

  5.Junhua Liu, Fang Wang, Tan Xu, ZhengguiGu, Styrene epoxidation over carbon nanotube-supported gold catalysts. Catalysis Letters,2010, 134, 51-55.

  6.Junhua Liu, Fang Wang, ZhengguiGu, Vanadium phosphorus oxide catalyst modified by silver doping for mild oxidation of styrene to benzaldehyde. Chemical Engineering Journal. 2009, 151, 319-323.

  7.Zhenggui Gu*, Zhengye Ma, Jun Lin, Qi Chen. Selection of extractive agent for mixture chlorobenzene and measurement of VLE date for m-dichlorobenzene-p-dichlorobenzene-o-

dichlorobenzene-diphenylamine. Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 2008,2(6):33-37.

  8.Ling Liu , Zhenggui Gu , Meijuan Gu, Jun Lin. Isolation of refined solanesol from tobacco extracts by separation integrated technology. Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 2009,3(12):23-29.

  9. Zhenggui* GU, Ling LIU, Meijuan GU, Jun LIN. Isolation of refined solanesol from abandon tobacco by separation integrated technology. Chemical Engineering. 2010(10).

  10. Zhenggui* GU, Jun LIN, ZHengye MA, Qi CHEN. Measurement and correlation of vapor-liquid equilibrium date for dichlorobenzene and diphenylam in system. Chemical Engineering. 2009(06).

  11. Linyu ZHANG, Zhenggui* GU, Huangzong GU. Study on process of industrial oleic acid extracted by column chromatography. Chemical Engineering. 2015(01).

  12. Hao SUN, Zhenggui* GU, ZHongqiang HAN. Refining of indene fraction from C9 cracked aromatic by double continuous and vacuum distillation. Chemical Engineering. 2013(12).

  13. Tan XU, Zhenggui* GU, Yufeng CAO, Qiwei ZHAN. Optimization of catalytic hydrogenation process of cracking C9. Chemical Engineering. 2011(05).


  1.Gu Zhenggui compilation. Integrated technology and application of chemical separation unit. Chemical Industry Press, 2010.03.

  2.Gu Zhenggui compilation. Technology and application of Chemical unit operation. Chemical Industry Press, 2010.03.

  3.Participation by Gu Zhenggui. Chemical Dictionary. Chemical Industry Press, 2014.03.


  Application for invention and utility model patent 217 pieces, including 51 invention patents and 91 utility model patent licensing.

Honors and Awards:

  1.The first batch of excellent young backbone teachers, advanced workers of science and technology in Jiangsu province. The cross-century outstanding talents of the former ministry of chemical industry (second levels). The young science and technology leaders of “333 high level engineering” in Jiangsu province. The training objects of “The peak of the six talents” in Jiangsu province.

  2.National Invention Fair Gold Award(Rank first).

  3.Jiangsu Provincal government. One second prizes of Jiangsu Province Science and Technology  Advancement Reward(Rank second).

  4.Jiangsu Provincal government. Two third prizes of Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Advancement Reward (Rank first).

  5.Jiangsu Province outstanding invention patent award(Rank first).

  6.Municipal Science and technology progress award(Rank second).

  7.Two third prizes of Nanjing Science and Technology Advancement Reward (No.1)

Academic Title:

   Director of Jiangsu extraction and Separation Engineering Technology Research Center.

   Director of Nanjing separation integration technology and Application Engineering Technology Research Center.

   Director of Jiangsu Province, Specialized Committee of chemical and chemical society comprehensive utilization of resources.

   Deputy director of Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of material cycle and pollution control.

Executive director of the National Energy Institute.

   The editorial board of Chinese Core Journals, such as Chemical Engineering, Modern Chemical Industry and Journal of Nanjing normal university (engineering).