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Academic Events

【10th Anniversary】Invited Talk of Prof. Junzhou Luo from Southeast University

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the foundation of the School of Computer Science and Technology, Professor Junzhou Luo was invited to give a talk in our school on Mar. 4, 2019. He is a professor of Southeast University. The title of his talk is "Exploration and Practice of Innovative Engineering Talents Training in Computer Science: A New Engineering Subject Perspective ". The talk was presided over by Prof. Genlin Ji.


This talk mainly described the needs and problems of personnel training under the new development trend of computer science, as well as the plans and practices of Southeast University. This talk analyzed the current development trend of computer science and described the three aspects of consensus "subject categories, cross-integration and leading development". Combined with "Fudan Consensus", "TJU Action" and "Beijing Guidance", Professor Wang appealed the demand of new engineering construction on computer engineering talent training in colleges and universities. In addition, He elaborated on the talent cultivation concept of Southeast University based on the "Industrial Demand Traction", and introduced the reconstruction of curriculum knowledge system, the cultivation of students' systematic ability, and the deepening of industry-teaching collaborative education as well.


The whole academic talk was in a warm atmosphere and rich in content, which gave great academic edification and enlightenment to teachers and students. In addition, Professor Luo also put forward many valuable suggestions on the construction of computer science in our college.


Short Bio:

Professor Junzhou Luo is a chief professor of Southeast University, dean of the school of computer science and engineering, and director of Jiangsu key Laboratory of network and information security. For more than 30 years, Professor Luo has been engaged in the research of computer network for a long time. His research interests include: next-generation network architecture, protocol engineering, network security, wireless network, cloud computing and big data, etc. He has won the 2nd prize award of National Science and Technology Progress and the 1st prize award of Science and Technology Progress of the Ministry of Education or Jiangsu Province In addition, he also won one 1st prize award of National Teaching Achievement and one 1st prize award of Jiangsu province.