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Academic Events

A Seminar on Computer Systematical Capability Training Was Held by the Course Teaching Team of the School

The computer systematical capability training seminar of our school was successfully held in Mingli 402 on Jul. 1, 2020. Dean Genlin Ji, Vice President Bo Chen, Professor Guoqiang Zhang, Associate Professor Peiming Bao, Associate Professor Bin Zhao, et al. attended the seminar. The seminar was presided over by Prof. Jiaquan Gao.


First of all, Professor Gao introduced our course teaching team, our objectives and future work plan. He pointed out that we have successfully achieved the goal set for 2019. The plan for 2020 are progressing well. Vice President Bo Chen shared the new online teaching mode of "12345", namely: centering on "one" goal, recognizing "two" misunderstandings, solving "three" prominent problems, constructing "four" online learning space, and implementing "five steps" teaching method. Chen explained the new online teaching mode of "12345" in simple terms by quoting classic works. Vice Professor Peiming Bao shared her experience on improving students' computer systematical ability with teachers from four aspects: the main connotation of systematical ability training, the implementation of systematical ability training, the systematical ability training I understand, and the implementation of systematical ability.y1.jpg



Then the seminar entered a free communication session. Teachers were all actively speaking and sharing. They combined their experience with their own teaching situation, as well as the understanding of computer systematical ability training. They all helped contribute to the improvement of our course teaching team.



Finally, Dean Genlin Ji made a summary. He stressed that the cultivation of computer systematical ability is a unique task in the school of computer science. Each faculty should deeply understand its connotation and significance. Each faculty should be clear about the goal of team construction and make contributions to exploring in several aspects like teaching mode, reforming, awards, curriculum construction, student competition, materials, teaching paper publication and so on. This seminar showed the future direction for the faculties in the course teaching team.y2.jpg