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Academic Events

Academician of European Academy of Science, Prof. Hans Uszkoreit and Dr. Feiyu Xu Visited Our School

Academician of European Academy of Science, Prof. Hans Uszkoreit and Dr. Feiyu Xu, invited by School of Compuer Science and Technology, visted our School on the morning in December 18 for a bilateral dicussion in terms of academic exchange and cooperation. Dean, Prof. Genlin Ji and Vice Dean, Prof. Weiguang Qu, as well as Prof. Junsheng Zhou and Associate Prof. Yanhui Gu from Language Information Processing and Social Computing (LIPSC) Laboratory, attended this discussion, which was hosted by Prof. Zhou.


At first, Prof. Ji, on behalf of our school, gave a warm welcome to the two experts. He also briefed to them on the basic situations of the school, as well as the current majors and professional training programs. Then, Prof. Hans Uszkoreit and Dr. Feiyu Xu gave brief introductions to the latest research and industrial applications of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.


Prof. Hans Uszkoreit, one of the most famous Natural Language Processing scientists in the world, is also the Scientific Director at the Berlin site of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and permanent member of the international committee for computational linguistics. He had gained great achievements in many fields, including information extraction, cross-language information retrieval, question answering system, language analysis, machine translation and deep language processing.

Prof. Xu is Principal Researcher and Head of Research Group Text Analytics in the Language Technology Lab of DFKI. In 2012, She has won a Google Focused Research Award for Natural Language Understanding as co-PI with Hans Uszkoreit and Roberto Navigli. Later, she was honored as DFKI Research Fellow in 2014. Prof. Xu’s unique insights on the development of artificial intelligence have aroused widespread recognition of the participants.

Then, Prof. Qu and Prof. Zhou briefed the recent research work of LIPSC Laboratory and gave a detail description to the representatives in this discussion on the research related to Abstract Meaning Representation, Chinese Named Entity Recognition and Machine Reading Comprehension. Combining computational linguistics related research questions, they also described the contents of the laboratory’s recent work which was closely related to linguistics, highlighting the central position of linguistics in the field of natural language processing research.

Afterwards, Prof. Ji, combining with his research topics, introduced the joint application of big data mining and its combination with natural language processing and other fields, providing a demonstration for the cooperation and exchange between the fields.

At the end, the two sides had a discussion on hot topics in the field of research, with the foreign representatives expressing their great interest in the current study of our school and hoping to further discuss the relevant details.