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Academic Events

Agreement of "3+2" Joint Undergraduate-Postgraduate Program Signed with University of Western Australia

In the morning of September 12, professor John Dell, executive director of faulty of engineering and mathematical sciences of The University of Western Australia (UWA for short), visited our school and signed the education agreement of a “3+2” (5-year) joint undergraduate-postgraduate program courses. Liping Gao, head of the our university's Office of international cooperation and exchange, Genlin Ji, dean of the School of Computer Science and Technology, Bo Chen, vice dean of the school, and Jinglan Wu, head of the China office of UWA, attended the signing ceremony.



According to the agreement, the two universities will jointly carry out the cultivation of international talents in computer science and technology, software engineering, information management and information system in the mode of "3 + 2" which involves the joint program of undergraduate and postgraduate course study. Students of above majors in our school will study for 3 years in Nanjing Normal University, with excellent scores and IELTS reaching 6.5. Starting from the fourth year, students can go to UWA to study relevant majors for 2 years. The students who finish the program can obtain bachelor's degree of Nanjing Normal University and master's degree of UWA.


UWA is located in Perth of Western Australia, one of the top universities in the world. It ranks 88th in the world university of US News and is one of the eight five-star University of Australia. It has trained more than 100 Rhodes scholars and Nobel Prize winners, and an Australian prime minister and a Western Australia's prime minister. UWA has 24 subjects of 32 in total are Top-100 subjects in the world.


The successful signing of this program provides a new way for the internationalization of undergraduate talent training, the quality of student training and the improvement of employment quality of our school. In the afternoon of September 26, the school will give a talk on the "3+2" program. The admissions officers of UWA will be invited to introduce the program in detail. Everybody of our school is welcome to join the discussion.