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Academic Events

Computer Science professor invited to give lectures in India

Prof. Yu-Dong Zhang, in department of computer science, has been invited by National Institute of Technology (NIT) India, and financially supported by Global Initiative on Academic Network (GIAN). The trip was to give two-week lectures to students and staffs in India, at School of Computer Science and Engineering, NIT Rourkela,

The course name was “Artificial Intelligence for MR Brain Image Processing”. Host faculty was Prof Banshidhar Majhi. Course coordinates were Prof. Ratnakar Dash and Dr. Deepak Ranjan Nayak.

Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN), an initiative by Govt. of India for Higher Education, is intended to tapping the international pool of talented scientists/entrepreneurs with an objective to encourage their engagement with the institutes of Higher Education in India. The initiative is aimed to augment the country's existing academic resources, accelerate the pace of quality reform, and elevate India’s scientific and technological capacity to global excellence. There are over 1200 international scholars supported by GIAN till Oct 2017, including five scholars from mainland, P R China.