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Academic Events

Invited Talk of Dr. Xianpei Han from Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Science

Dr. Xianpei Han was invited to give a talk in our school on May. 24, 2019. He is a researcher at the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Science. The title of his talk was "Open Domain Semantic Parsing ". The talk was presided over by Prof. Junsheng Zhou.




In this talk, Dr. Zhang gave a comprehensive and in-depth introduction to the-state-of-the-art works and recent progress of semantic parsing. Semantic parsing is the core technology of QA (Question Answering) system, conversation, natural language understanding and so on. Most existing semantic parsing models used supervised techniques, which rely on the quality of semantic vocabulary and the scale of training corpus, and can’t cope with semantic parsing tasks in the open domain environment. Dr. Han introduced that their improved work on sentence-based semantic parsing algorithm. In the end, aiming at the problem that existing models rely too much on semantic lexicon and composite grammar, Dr. Han introduced semantic parsing based on end-to-end semantic graph generation.


Dr. Han was knowledgeable, scientific and rigorous. The whole academic talk was in a warm atmosphere and rich in content, which gave great academic edification and enlightenment to teachers and students.