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Academic Events

Invited Talk of Prof. Jingqiang Lin from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Professor Jingqiang Lin was invited to give a talk in Room #402 in Mingli Builiding of the school on Jun 21, 2018. The title of his talk is “Application of Cryptography in Computer and Network Systems” . The talk was hosted by Professor Futai Zhang.

In his talk, Prof. Lin introduced and discusses several significant issues that need to be considered in the application of cryptography in computer and network systems, including: work mode, algorithm and key selection, random number generation, security protocol, relationship of key and entity, key security, access control of cryptographic computing, etc.

Cryptography is a significant foundation technique for cyberspace security. Compared with other security technologies, cryptography has a more rigorous security model and theoretical system, and more rigorous logical derivation. Therefore, the application of cryptography in computer and network systems are routinely expected to bring significant and quantifiable security improvements. However, the security application of cryptography is not good enough from a practical point of view.

After the talk, Prof. Lin discussed with the audiences and answered their questions kindly. The audiences got much inspiration from the talk and the discussion.

Bio: Dr. Jingqiang Lin, research fellow in Institute of information engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Information Security. He received his bachelor's degree in University of Science & Technology China in 2001 and received his master's and a Ph.D. degree in 2004 and 2009 respectively in Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.  He published many papers in the top-ranking international conferences and journals, such as IEEE S&P, NDSS, AsiaCrypt, ESORICS, CHES, FSE, IPDPS, SRDS, ACSAC, RAID, IEEE TDSC, IEEE TKDE, IEEE TIFS, etc., including ACSAC 2017 Outstanding Paper and ISC 2014 Best Student Paper. He took charge of or participated in many foundation projects, such as NSFC, the national 973 Plan, the National 863 plan, the national science and technology support plan. Besides, he won the  Zhu-Li-Yue-Hua Excellent Faculty award by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2017, the second place prize for cipher innovation of the Chinese cryptography society in 2016, the first place prize in cipher science and technology progress in 2015, the second place prize of national scientific and technological progress in 2005, and the second place prize of science and technology in Beijing in 2004.