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Academic Events

Invited Talk of Prof. Sheng Zhong from Nanjing University

Professor Sheng Zhong was invited to give a talk in Room #109 in Mingli Builiding of the school on Oct. 11, 2018, who had got “the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars”. The title of his talk is “Blockchain technology and its application”. The talk was hosted by Professor Genlin Ji, the dean of the school.

Block chain is one of the most popular new technologies in recent years. In his talk, Prof. Zhong first briefly reviewed the development history of block chain. Then, he introduced the major essential and principle technologies, including its architecture, proof of work protocol, consensus and fork algorithms, smart contract and so on. Based on these technologies, Prof. Zhong further analyzed the pros and cons of block chain, and discussed its application beyond digital currency.


Professor Zhongs talk is humorous and in-depth, while the talk is simple and well-understood. This report gives us a new and broader understanding of the block chain and digital currency in the Internet era, broadens the horizons of teachers and students.

After the talk, Prof. Zhong discussed with the audiences and answered their questions kindly. The audiences got much inspiration from the talk and the discussion.

Bio: Sheng Zhong received BS (1996), MS (1999) from Nanjing University, and PhD (2004) from Yale University, all in computer science. He used to be on the faculty of SUNY Buffalo, receiving NSF CAREER Award and early tenure promotion there. Currently he is a full professor at Nanjing University. He works as an associate director at the University’s Talent Affairs Office, and also as the director of undergraduate studies at Computer Science Department. In addition, he is the chair of IEEE Computer Society Nanjing Chapter, and a chair of ACM Nanjing Chapter.

Sheng is a recipient of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Investigator, a 1000-Talent Plan (junior class) grantee, a Jiangsu Province Double Innovation Talent Program grantee, a Jiangsu Province Six Talent Peaks Program Type-A grantee, and a recipient of CVIC SE Talent Award. His research has been covered in the National Demonstration of Science, Technology, and Innovation of China’s twelfth five-year plan. He serves as an associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, an editorial board member of Science China Information Science.