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Academic Events

Invited Talk of Professor Wanliang Wang from ZJUT

Professor Wanliang Wang was invited to give a talk in our school on Nov. 20, 2020. He is a professor of Zhejiang University of Technology. The title of his talk is “Research Progress and Major Construction of Artificial Intelligence”. The talk was presided over by Prof. Genlin Ji.


In the talk, Prof. Wanliang Wang introduced the research progress and the major construction of artificial intelligence(AI), involving the latest research results, undergraduate talent training, postgraduate courses and general education. The talk is rich in content, advanced in concept and practical in theory, given with witty humor. It further deepens our understanding of AI major and provides guidance for the construction of AI major of our school.


Short Bio:

Prof. Wanliang Wang, dean of College of Computer Science and Technology and College of Software of Zhejiang University of Technology, director of Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Visual Media Intelligent Processing Technology, Academic leader in Computer Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province, PhD supervisor in Control Science and Engineering, master tutor of Computer Science and Technology, master tutor of Software Engineering. His main research areas are artificial intelligence, big data, intelligent scheduling and networked control and optimization.