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Academic Events

Invited Talk of Qingshan Liu from Nanjing University of Information Engineering

Professor Qingshan Liu was invited to give a talk in our school on Dec. 14, 2020. The title of this talk is “Compressed sensing reconstruction of visual signals”. The talk was presided over by Prof. Ming Yang.

In the talk, Prof. Liu talked about the background of visual signal, low dimensional sparse representation of visual features, and deep compressed perceptual image reconstruction. In addition, he proposed to adopt the way of low dimensional visual feature learning and sparse representation to learn the low-dimensional expression of high-dimensional visual features.

The whole academic talk was wording sharp, informative, which gave great academic edification and enlightenment to teachers and students. In addition, Prof. Chen and Prof. Liu also put forward many valuable suggestions on the construction of computer science in our college.

Short Bio:
Prof. Qingshan Liu serves as the editorial board member of the academic journal signal processing and Acta automatica Sinica, deputy director of pattern recognition and machine intelligence special committee of China Society of automation, deputy director of computer vision special committee of Chinese Computer Society, deputy director of multimedia special committee of China Graphics and Imaging Society, vice president of Jiangsu artificial intelligence society, distinguished professor of Jiangsu Province, the leader of the mass entrepreneurship and innovation team in Jiangsu Province, the title of outstanding educator in Jiangsu Province, etc. His main research interests include: image understanding, pattern recognition, and AI + meteorology research.