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Academic Events

Invited Talk of Researcher Lei Zhang

On the morning of Dec. 8, 2019, Researcher Lei Zhang made a keynote talk entitled "Information Authentication and Privacy Protection in Vehicle Networks". The vehicle-mounted network is mainly used to exchange vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-traffic infrastructure information, improve traffic management, provide driving assistance decisions, and build a safe and efficient transportation environment. This year, the research and development of in-vehicle network has been highly valued by governments, car manufacturers, and research institutions in various countries, and has broad application prospects. However, if the vehicle network is to be widely accepted and promoted, whether the security and privacy issues in it can be solved plays a key role. The report introduces the security and privacy challenges and related security and privacy communication technologies in vehicular networks.


Short Bio:

Zhang Lei, researcher, Ph.D. Supervisor. His research fields include vehicle network security, cloud computing security, and public key cryptography. He serves on the editorial boards of several international journals, as a guest editor of Future Generation Computer Systems, as a member of more than 40 international conference program committees, and as a reviewer for more than 80 international conferences.