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Academic Events

Offline Classroom Inspections by The School

In order to understand the students' learning processes and promote the construction of learning atmosphere, the school administrations and some teachers went to many classrooms to check the attendances and study processes of the undergraduate students.


During the offline course, students wear masks and sit at intervals. Despite being affected by the epidemic, the teaching processes still overcome difficulties and there are no empty interval seats, reflecting the high degree of organization and discipline of the students. The classmates had a good learning atmosphere in class, and the lecturers carefully explain the professional knowledge, and the students were full of spirits and took notes carefully. When teachers raise a question, the classmates listen, think and answer actively, listening attentively in the Q&A stages.


After the inspection, we found all the offline courses are well-organized, which shows that the  academic atmosphere construction of the school has achieved some significant goals. In the future, the schoolwill continue to promote the learning atmosphere construction, and strive to create a stronger cultivation atmosphere for all undergraduate students.