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Academic Events

Prof. Jianfeng Ma presented an academic talk

 At 4:00 p.m. on April 17, 2017, invited by Jiangsu Information Security Engineering Research Center and School of Computer Science and Technology, Prof. Jianfeng Ma from Xidian University made an academic report which in room 109 of Mingli Building. The title is “the key technology of wireless network fusion security”. The report was chaired by Prof. Genlin Ji.

Prof. Jianfeng Ma is a “Yangtze River Scholar”. He received the PhD degree from Xidian University in 1995, and has been a professor in School of Computer Science and Technology, Xidian University since 1998. His research interests include cryptology, network security and data security. Currently, He is the leader of “Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Network and System Security”, the academic committee member of “State Key Laboratory of Integrated Services Networks”, the council member of CCF, the editor of “SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences”, “Journal on Communications” and “Chinese Journal of Computers”.

The report started by the introduction of the future wireless networks such as 5G, SDN, air and space integrated. These future networks demonstrate the basic characteristics of Heterogeneous integration, application-oriented, intelligent equipment and systems. Then Prof. Ma made further explanation from the aspects of wireless network fusion security, data security, application security and integrated security. He pointed out that the traditional wireless networks which are based on equipment certification and encryption security cannot guarantee the security of the next-generation wireless networks. So, in the next-generation wireless networks, we should consider the integrated security of the system, the network, the data and the application.

The report ended with a heated discussion among Prof. Ma, the teachers and the students.