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Academic Events

Professor Hai Jin gave a talk in our school

Prof. Hai Jin (Changjiang scholar), who is the former dean of school of computer science in Huazhong University of Science and Technology gave a talkon November 27th in Xianlin campus, Nanjing Normal University. The topic of this talk is “A new type of computer system in the age of big data”. Prof. Dean. Gen-Lin Ji hosted the talk.


Prof. Hai Jin is the Changjiang distinguished professor, winner of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholar, State-Council Allowance Obtained Expert, member of the Degree Council of the State Council, director of Key Laboratory of Services Computing Technology and System, director of Key Laboratory of Cluster and Grid Computing in Hubei Province, director of Engineering Laboratory of Big Data Technology and System in Hubei Province.He is also the Chief Scientist of Virtualization Technology for Computing System and Basic Theory and Methodology of Virtualization Technology for Computing System, which are both National 973 Basic Research Program. What’s more, he is the Chief Scientist of ChinaGrid Project.His main research areas are Computer Architecture, Computing System Virtualization, Cluster Computing and Cloud Computing, Network Security, Peer to Peer Computing, and Network Storage and Parallel I/O.

He is the Senior Member of IEEE and IEEE Computer Society,Member of ACM, and Member of Grid Forum Steering Group (GFSG). He has been conference or program committee chair in international conferences for more than 150 times and has given keynote speeches and invited talks for more than 100 times.


During the talk, Prof. Jin introduced challenges in memory computing, models based on DRAM, and the advantages of new SCM. By constructinga hybridhierarchical/parallel memory architecture for DRAM+SCM, we can transform computing-centric architecture to a new architecture based on computing and data integration. In addition, he introduced some techniques and systems in memory computing. He also shared some works of his team in this research area.


This taklintroduces the new type of computer system in big data. Furthermore, Prof.Jin gave some advices on courses establishment and talent cultivation of computer science in universities. It broadens our horizons and gives valuable suggestions on our researches and teaching.