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Academic Events

Professor Junzhou Luo from School of Computer Science and Engineering of Southeast University gave a Talk in Our School

On September 11, 2017, 3:00 pm, according to the invitation of School of Computer Science and Technology, and Jiangsu Information Security Engineering Center, Professor Junzhou Luo, dean of the School of Computer Science and Engineering of Southeast University, gave a speech entitled "Opportunities and Challenges for the Industrial Internet" in Room 109, Mingli building, Xianlin campus. The talk was presided by Genlin Ji, Dean of the School of Computer Science and Technology of Nanjing Normal University. Part of the teachers and students in our school attended the whole event.

Professor Junzhou Luo is the Dean of the School of Computer Science and Engineering of Southeast University, director of the Jiangsu Network and Information Security Key Laboratory. He serves as the chairman of the IEEE CSCWD Technical Committee, director of the ACM China Council Executive Committee, the chairman of ACM SIGCOMM China, the Discipline Review Group member of the Computer Science and Technology Principle of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, the Director of the Network and Data Communication Committee of the China Computer Society, and the member of Teaching Committee of the Computer Specialty Teaching Department of the Ministry of Education.

Professor Luo has been engaged in computer network research for long time. His research area covers the next generation network architecture, such as protocol engineering, network security, wireless networks, cloud computing and big data. He won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. He was also awarded four times the first prize of the Science and Technology Progress of Jiangsu Province and the Ministry of Education. Since 2002, he has participated in the large-scale AMS-02 physics experiments for fifteen years led by Professor Samuel C. C. Ting, the Nobel prize winner in Physics. He is also responsible for the establishment of Southeast University AMS Scientific Data Processing Center.

With the development of networking, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, human beings are entering the fourth era of industrial revolution. As a global network for high collaboration and intelligence sharing between the networked objects, the external environment and the production staff, the industrial Internet is the core of a new round of industrial revolution. However, the current research on the industrial Internet is still in its initial stage, lacking architectures and key technolgoies that are suited for networked, intelligent and flexible production characteristics of the industrial Internet, and unable to cope with the emerging requirements of more complex object perception, more diverse networked entities and faster data processing. The report is divided into four chapters: opportunities, challenges, practices and vision. Firstly, the report described the opportunities and challenges the industry Internet faces. Secondly, it talked about preliminary exploration that their team has done in the area of industrial Internet. Finally, it presents the future of the industrial Internet.

Professor Luo's report was strategically situated. He introduced a lot of frontier knowledge, which not only expands every one's vision, but also provides many research inspirations for our teachers and students. Everyone is benefited a lot from this talk.